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The Polish tax regulations tend to be amended frequently. That is why being up-to-date with tax law is a real challenge. The reasons for the frequent changes in the Polish tax law include, on one hand, internal social and economical transformation issues and, on the other hand, the unification of the tax system in the European Union and the standards of the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD). These changes affect especially enterprises which, by their nature, have to abide by regulations on many different kinds of taxes. Day-to-day tax advice is crucial especially for large enterprises and for organisations in the development or investment stage.

Rödl & Partner’s tax advisers in Poland assist clients in the following areas: ongoing accounts with the tax authorities, all sorts of transactions, starting a business activity, ongoing business management. The close collaboration of experts on various kind of taxes ensure a comprehensive approach and consistency of the offered solutions. Our competent tax advisers constantly follow the changes in Polish and international law as well as the case law. That way your accounts are correct according to the letter of the law, the case law of administrative courts and the rulings of tax authorities.

Our regular clients include organisations of different legal forms and different industries. That way we get to know the special tax problems connected with a certain legal form or business, and we are able to solve them. At the same time, our assistance is tailored to the individual needs of the client.

Our ongoing tax advisory services cover the following kinds of taxes:

  • income taxes;
  • turnover taxes;
  • wealth taxes;
  • customs duties.​


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