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Our firm honourably mentioned in the Forbes Diamonds 2023 ranking


This is the fifth time our firm has joined the prestigious group of Forbes Diamonds laureates. We are among the fastest-growing companies in Poland – in the category: revenues from 5 to 50 million zloty in Mazowieckie.

Forbes Diamonds is an annual ranking of the most dynamically developing Polish companies in a given region, which have significantly increased their value in the last three years. The list is compiled using the Swiss business valuation method which considers financial performance and asset value.

Key criteria included:
  • financial performance 2017-2021
  • asset value
  • payment history
  • payment reliability
  • clean legal record.

All this shows that the firm is reliable and able to cope in all conditions, responding to the needs of its clients. We feel honoured and motivated to develop further. We thank our clients and employees – you help us create value of our firm.

Rödl & Partner Poland distinguished in ITR World Tax 2023 ranking 

Our firm has been awarded a distinction in the World Tax 2023 ranking. We have ranked the high Tier 5 in the 'general corporate tax' category.



International Tax Review (ITR) is an international business intelligence and analysis service. It provides business news about all corporate tax issues. Every year ITR publishes prestigious World Tax and World Transfer Pricing guides that help to find the best tax firms in the world.



Dominika Tyczka-Szyda distinguished in ITR World TP 2023 ranking  

Dominika Tyczka-Szyda, Partner at Rödl & Partner Poland, transfer pricing expert, has been awarded a distinction as a Highly Regarded Practitioner in the World Transfer Pricing 2023 ranking.

World Tax and World Transfer Pricing are prestigious guidelines that help to navigate among the world’s leading tax firms. They are published by International Tax Review. The awards honour outstanding achievements and progress over the last 12 months.


You can read more about Dominika in the Partners in Poland tab »

Every success is based on hard work. Every success also motivates to achieve more and set new goals. Congratulations and we wish our colleague even more interesting professional challenges. 



Official opening of new office in Cracow  



The grand opening of our new office in Cracow took place on 26 September 2022. The event was well attended by employees, clients, Managing Partners and Partners from Poland.

Our guests included: Dagmar Maria Hillebrand – Consul of the Federal Republic of Germany, Elżbieta Duraj – Head of the AHK Regional Office in Katowice, Renata Kopyto from the Nuremberg House, Silvie Preusser from the Office for International Relations of the City of Nuremberg.


This year also marks the 30th anniversary of our presence on the Polish market and the 26th anniversary of our Cracow office, which was another reason to celebrate. The event was crowned by a cooking show delivered by Robert Makłowicz, accompanied by history and interesting facts about Polish and German cuisine.

We would like to thank all those who honoured that day with their presence. But we would like to thank also all those who could not attend but whose thoughts were with us #RoedlFamily.




Katarzyna Judkowiak, Partner at Rödl & Partner Poland, distinguished in ITR World Tax 2023 ranking



Katarzyna Judkowiak, Partner at Rödl & Partner Poland in charge of tax advisory services, is among the World Tax Leaders 2023 as the Highly Regarded Practitioner in General corporate tax and Women in tax.

ITR Tax Awards have been granted by the prestigious International Tax Review magazine since 2005. They go to the best firms and experts in tax consultancy in Europe, Middle East and Africa. The awards honour outstanding achievements and progress over the last 12 months.


Katarzyna Judkowiak graduated from the Faculty of Economics at the European University Viadrina in Frankfurt (Oder), where she studied international business economics (Internationale Betriebswirtschaftslehre). During her studies, she won the DAAD (Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst) scholarship, as part of which she studied at the University of Montevideo (Uruguay). She joined Rödl & Partner in 2005. In 2007, she became a licensed tax adviser. In 2010, she was appointed as Associate Partner and as Partner in 2020. She heads the tax consulting department in Rödl & Partner's Warsaw office.

We are proud to see Katarzyna distinguished. This award emphasises her efficiency, continuous development and the raising of standards of good tax advice. Congratulations!




New Senior Associates



The number of Senior Associates at Rödl & Partner Poland #roedlFamily has grown to include 21 new:

  • Gdansk – Jakub Wajs (Tax)
  • Gliwice – Anna Grobosz (BPO), Agnieszka Jurcimierska-Pawlik (BPO), Ewa Mróz (BPO)
  • Cracow – Ewelina Buś-Gielmuda (BPO), Joanna Litwińska (Tax), Anastazja Niedzielska-Pitera (Legal), Beata Ostój-Korabik (Audyt), Kamil Twardowski (Legal)
  • Poznan – Izabela Karolak (Tax), Joanna Sikora-Bzdzikot (Legal), Agata Wierzbowska (Audyt), Michał Zakrzewski (Legal)
  • Warsaw – Michał Kwiatkowski (Audyt), Anna Melech (BPO), Marcin Muchowski (Tax), Katarzyna Niedabylska (Tax), Anna Zielony (Tax), Urszula Zimon (Tax)
  • Wroclaw – Marta Bartoszewska (BPO), Katarzyna Zymon (BPO)



The new appointees represent various business sectors. They share impressive professional experience and years of working together. Congratulations on the promotion! Wishing you lots of success!



New Partner at Rödl & Partner Poland



Dominika Tyczka-Szyda has been appointed as a new Partner at Rödl & Partner Poland. The official appointment ceremony took place during the international Forum Global event in Nuremberg. 

Dominika Tyczka-Szyda is a tax adviser, transfer pricing specialist, member of Rödl & Partner's international transfer pricing team and working group within the Transfer Pricing Forum, as well as MDR Officer.


She is an award-winning and distinguished expert – she is among the best tax law experts recommended by Rzeczpospolita. She also ranked 3rd among top tax advisers in CIT category of Dziennik Gazeta Prawna. She has authored numerous presentations and publications, and is a PhD student at the Faculty of Management, Information Technology and Finance of the Wroclaw University of Economics and Business.

She started her professional career at Rödl & Partner in 2010 as an Assistant in the Legal and Tax Department. She was appointed Senior Associate in 2014 and Associate Partner 2017. She has been in charge of the Tax and Legal Department in Wroclaw and Rödl & Partner's transfer pricing team in Poland since 2018. She currently manages a team of nearly 30 people.





As part of our support for Ukraine, we have partnered with the Association for People with Intellectual Disability – “Bonitum” of Wrocław.

The Partners have decided to cancel the joint celebration of 30 years of Rödl & Partner in Poland and to support initiatives helping war-stricken Ukraine instead. We have donated 200 thousand zloty, which will be used to purchase equipment for ambulances.



As there are no ambulances for helping civilians (most ambulances have been given to the army), the Association runs the initiative “Ambulances for Kiev”. They equip medical ambulances and donate them to Ukrainian hospitals or establishments which take care of the disabled and elderly.

The Association will use our donation to buy comprehensive medical equipment for one ambulance (medical and patient monitoring devices, as well as equipment used in most serious emergencies).


Rzeczpospolita’s 20th Ranking of Law Firms



Rzeczpospolita’s ranking recognises the largest and the best law firms in Poland. This year's ranking saw a record number of law firms registered to compete – 321.

We ranked:

  • 30th in terms of the number of attorneys at law
  • 21st in terms of the number of lawyers.


We also received two honourable mentions. We were distinguished in the categories of:

  • contribution to building the legal market in Poland
  • innovative solutions – two projects: an eco-friendly office and the EAP24 service.

Additionally, our colleague Paweł Foltman, attorney at law, was among the recommended experts in the “Cybersecurity” category.

Our standards include effective advice, process digitalisation and data security. The results of the Ranking confirm our commitment to high-quality legal services and focus on the needs of others.



New Associate Partners



We are pleased to welcome ten new Associate Partners at Rödl & Partner:

  • Katarzyna Kubica, audit, Gliwice
  • Grzegorz Gęborek, legal, Gliwice
  • Maciej Wilczkiewicz, tax, Gliwice
  • Edyta Gruszka, payroll accounting, Cracow
  • Piotr Derylak, audit, Cracow
  • Anna Harasimowicz, tax, Warsaw
  • Renata Misior, payroll accounting, Warsaw
  • Karolina Sieraczek, legal, Wroclaw
  • Daria Walkowiak-Dobner, tax, Wroclaw
  • Paweł Kolenkiewicz, financial accounting, Wroclaw



Our congratulations to all newly promoted professionals. It is their commitment to everyday tasks and to enhancing their professional and leadership skills that have been rewarded. We wish them continued success and further development at Rödl & Partner!



Rödl & Partner in the 16th Ranking of Tax Advisory Firms by Rzeczpospolita



We have scored high in Rzeczpospolita's 16th Ranking of Tax Advisory Firms. Four of our experts have become recommended tax advisers.

We have ranked:

  • 7th in the category of firms employing the largest number of tax advisers
  • 8th in the category of largest firms by revenues in 2021.



Additionally, the jury composed of prominent individuals from the scientific world distinguished the best experts in tax law. Our recommended advisers were:

  • advice on compliance – Katarzyna Judkowiak; Tax Adviser and Partner;
  • advice on transfer pricing – Dominika Tyczka-Szyda, Tax Adviser and Associate Partner;
  • Real Property Tax – Jakub Wajs, Attorney at Law, Tax Adviser;
  • PIT – Monika Spotowska, Attorney at Law, Tax Adviser and Associate Partner.

We are glad to see so many of our advisers appreciated and distinguished in this year’s ranking. Our good score confirms our commitment to high quality tax advice and focus on clients’ needs.



Rödl & Partner in the 21st Ranking of Audit Firms by Rzeczpospolita



In this year's 21st Ranking of Audit Firms by Rzeczpospolita, we have ranked 11th in terms of audit revenue (2021 figures). Taking into account total revenue, we are just behind the Big Four, i.e. in 5th place.


Rzeczpospolita has prepared the ranking on the basis of surveys. The evaluation criteria included:

  • revenue from financial audits, used for calculation of the supervision fee;
  • number of audits conducted in 2021;
  • number of statutory auditors licensed in Poland;
  • number of people engaged in audits (excluding administration).



Support for Rödl & Partner’s employees from Ukraine and their families



Our firm has global reach and one of our values is “caring”. Facing the ongoing war in Ukraine, Rödl & Partner’s employees in Poland have been helping their colleagues from Ukraine and their families from the very beginning.


Transportation and housing

Rödl & Partner Poland has set up a special task force to coordinate in-house aid initiatives – mainly for our employees from Kiev and Kharkov offices. We take care of arrival and housing of our employees and their families – from organising the travel from Ukraine to picking up people from the border to providing accommodation, legal aid and workstation to support in everyday life in Poland. We have managed to look after more than 60 people and 9 animals. Our employees have demonstrated huge commitment to the cause often providing support in their private time.


Money collection among colleagues

We are running an in-house money collection. The money will be spent on helping our colleagues from Ukraine to settle in Poland. We are also collecting things such as food, clothing, household equipment (appliances, furniture etc.). Colleagues support colleagues also in formal and legal issues like applying for a personal identity card, enrolling kids in kindergartens, visiting doctors. We continuously work with two people who speak Ukrainian. We try to make our colleagues and their families feel safe.


30-Year Anniversary Gala of Rödl & Partner Poland cancelled

Moreover, the firm has decided to cancel its grand gala to celebrate 30 years of Rödl & Partner in Poland. The ongoing war in Ukraine which requires support and aid for our employees and their families is not an appropriate time for partying and celebration. Rödl & Partner Poland has donated 200 thousand zloty to organisations that provide humanitarian aid to Ukraine.


Rödl & Partner in the 16th Ranking of Tax Firms and Advisers by Dziennik Gazeta Prawna




Rödl & Partner Poland ranked 2nd in the Ranking of the largest tax firms in the category of large enterprises, that is those hiring at least 10 qualified advisers. This means that we were just one score behind the ‘Big Four’.

In terms of 2021 revenues, we were ranked 4th in the category of large enterprises.


In addition, we ranked high in categories without grouping – TOP 30:

  • in terms of the number of tax advisors – 6th place
  • in terms of the number of clients – 6th place

Dominika Tyczka-Szyda, Tax Adviser and Associate Partner at Rödl & Partner, ranked 3rd among TOP tax advisers in CIT category.

In terms of digitalisation of taxes, we were also recognised for our cross-selling tool and PIT calculator.
The 16th Ranking of Tax Firms and Advisers by Dziennik Gazeta Prawna was divided into three main categories: the largest firms, the best firms and the best tax advisers in 2021. The ranking positions reflected firms’ performance and achievements, and in individual categories – the advisers’ successes.



Forbes Diamonds 2022



It is the fourth time Rödl & Partner has been honoured with the “Forbes Diamond” and ranked among the most dynamically growing companies in Poland. This year our “Diamond” shines twice as bright.

Rödl & Partner has received a double award – for BPO services and for legal and tax advice. The award confirms the company's extensive and dynamic growth despite the turbulent economic environment.

The ranking is designed to scan and identify companies which in the last three years have increased their value most rapidly. It takes into account e.g. their financial performance, asset value, payment credibility and clean legal record.





“25 women lawyers in business” list by Forbes Women magazine

Dr. iur. Monika Behrens, attorney at law and partner co-heading the legal department at Rödl & Partner Poland, is among 25 most prominent women lawyers in business. The report was initiated by Forbes Women Polska and the Women in Law Foundation.



Representatives from a wide variety of backgrounds were invited to join the jury of the first edition of the ranking – they nominated women lawyers who made a significant impact on Polish business. Professional achievements, support for other women from the legal milieu and pro-bono activities were the main criteria that guided the jury in its selection.

Congratulations and lots of further success!




25 years of Rödl & Partner’s membership in AHK

Renata Kabas-Komorniczak and Marzena Rączkiewicz received on behalf of Rödl & Partner a commemorative statuette for founding members during the 25th anniversary gala of the Polish-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry (AHK Poland).


Rödl & Partner has been a member of AHK Poland since its inception in 1995. AHK Poland represents interests of about 1000 member companies and fosters Polish-German business relations.

AHK Poland is not only a bilateral chamber with the biggest membership in Poland but also one of the largest German Foreign Chambers of Commerce and Industry (AHK) in the world.




19. Rzeczpospolita’s Ranking of Law Firms


In this year's edition of Rzeczpospolita’s Ranking of Law Firms Rödl & Partner was awarded a distinction in the category of innovative management. Thus, we are one of the most innovative law firms in Poland.

The firm was awarded the distinction for implementing a mentoring programme for new Partners, i.e. mentees preparing for their roles. As part of the programme, experienced Partners, mentors, pass their knowledge, skills and attitudes. The programme also supports the firm's organisational culture.

Rzeczpospolita’s ranking recognises the largest and the best law firms in Poland. In the category of innovation, the most innovative solutions and technologies that law firms implemented in 2020 were evaluated.

We also ranked:

  • 28th in terms of the number of attorneys at law (up by 3 notches),
  • 23rd in terms of the number of lawyers (71 persons).

At Rödl & Partner we know that running a business requires continuous development and balance. The results of the Ranking confirm our commitment to high quality legal services and focus on the needs of others.




Rödl & Partner in the 20th Ranking of Audit Firms by Rzeczpospolita

We maintain the strong 11th position in Rzeczpospolita’s 20th Ranking of Audit Firms.

Additionally, our firm has ranked 10th among audit firms in terms of audit revenues (2020 figures). When it comes to audit firms of companies listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange (2020 figures) Rödl & Partner is 21st, climbing 7 notches up.

Rzeczpospolita has prepared the ranking of the best audit firms on the basis of surveys. They considered factors such as:

  • revenues from financial audits, used for calculation of the supervision fee;
  • number of audits conducted in 2020;
  • number of statutory auditors licensed in Poland;
  • number of people engaged in audits (excluding administration).

Our values, success-driven and team spirit build stable and high standards of our audit firms, as confirmed by this honour.




Rödl & Partner in the 15th Ranking of Tax Advisory Firms by Rzeczpospolita


We have scored high in Rzeczpospolita's 15th Ranking of Tax Advisory Firms. Our work and effort to increase competitiveness among tax advisory firms are confirmed by the distinctions we have received in this and in previous years.

We have ranked:

  • 5th in the category of firms employing the largest number of tax advisers;
  • 9th in the category of revenues of tax advisory firms.

Additionally, in the category of the best specialty tax advisers, the jury awarded the title of the best expert in compliance to Katarzyna Judkowiak, who is a tax adviser with vast experience and Partner at Rödl & Partner.

Dominika Tyczka-Szyda, tax adviser and Associate Partner at Rödl & Partner, was among the recommended advisers in the ‘transfer pricing’ category.




20 practices of Rödl & Partner in the report published by Responsible Business Forum


The 19th edition of the report on “Responsible Business in Poland 2020. Good Practices” lists and rewards 20 practices of Rödl & Partner. They are as follows:

  • Development interview series
  • “Towards success” – a guide for employees
  • Mentoring programme
  • “Help for hospitals” project
  • Collaboration with the “Women in Law” Foundation
  • Diversity promotion
  • Art contest named “Caring” for employees’ children
  • Induction project
  • Webinar series for clients during covid
  • “HRujemy z domu” [Hard telewoRk] project
  • “W ramach Rödl & Partner 2020” [Within Rödl & Partner's frame 2020] – corporate cycling challenge
  • “Welcome to Rödl & Partner” onboarding programme
  • Development programme for management staff
  • “Poszukiwacze talentów” [Talent hunters] employee referral programme
  • Student training initiatives
  • Coaching programme
  • “Dzielimy się wiedzą” [Knowledge sharing] project
  • Charity work
  • Work on the policy for counteracting violations and the role of a go-to person
  • Work on the code of ethics and ethics system.

The Responsible Business Forum issues the report “Responsible Business in Poland. Good Practices” annually. The main part of it is an overview of CSR and sustainable development activities of businesses. The newest edition includes 1958 examples of good practices reported by 225 companies.

CSR activities are broken into 7 core subjects mentioned in ISO 26000:

  • Community involvement and development
  • Labor practices
  • Environment
  • Human rights
  • Consumer issues
  • Fair operating practices
  • Organisational governance.


Download the report >>




Rödl & Partner in the 15th Ranking of Tax Firms and Advisers by Dziennik Gazeta Prawna 2020



Rödl & Partner ranked high in the 15th Ranking of Tax Firms and Advisers by Dziennik Gazeta Prawna in 2020, which confirms our firm's stable position among tax advisory leaders.

In this year's edition of the ranking, firms were classified into four groups: the Big Four, large firms employing 10 or more qualified professionals (including tax advisers, attorneys-at-law, auditors), medium-sized firms employing 3 to 9 qualified professionals and small firms employing up to 2 qualified professionals.


In the 15th edition of the ranking, we ranked among large companies as follows:


  • 3rd in the category Firms in terms of number of professional employees
  • 5th in the category Firms in terms of revenue
  • 14th in the category Largest tax advisory firms in 2020.


In addition, we ranked high in categories without grouping – TOP 30:

  • Firms in terms of number of tax advisers – 5th place
  • Firms in terms of number of clients – 7th place.


The Ranking of Tax Firms and Advisers by Dziennik Gazeta Prawna 2020 was divided into three main groups: the largest firms, the best firms and the best advisers. The ranking positions reflected firm’s performance and achievements, and in individual categories – adviser's success.




Forbes Diamonds 2021


It is the third time Rödl & Partner has been included in the elite ranking of “Forbes Diamonds”. The firm has been listed among the fastest growing companies with revenues from 50 to 250 million zloty in Mazowieckie province.

 The title of “Forbes Diamond 2021” honours and confirms Rödl & Partner’s solid position among the best companies on the Polish market. The ranking takes into account such criteria as financial performance 2017–2020, asset value, payment history, payment credibility and clean legal record.




Rödl & Partner certified by British Standards Institution

Roedl Outsourcing Sp. z o.o. has obtained a certificate from British Standards Institution (BSI) confirming that it has implemented the Information Security Management System in compliance with ISO/IEC 27001:2013 in respect of its HR, payroll and combined HR & payroll services for external clients, administration and front desk services, as well as HR processes for its own and for other Rödl & Partner group companies' purposes.


BSI (British Standards Institution) is all about international standards. The company was established in 1901 and was the world's first national standards body. A BSI’s certificate confirms the efficiency and effectiveness of our work.




Rödl & Partner helps hospitals

Rödl & Partner has been supporting the Polish healthcare system since the beginning of the pandemic. In two editions of our “Help for hospitals” campaign we have donated goods to seven healthcare facilities in six cities. Employees have also contributed.

The basic objective of our campaigns was to answer the real needs. Every gift we delivered was consulted about with the selected healthcare facility. We bought specialised medical equipment, furniture, appliances such as refrigerators, washing machines, as well as textiles and cosmetics for patients, cleaning supplies – anything that could improve functioning during the pandemic.
Our employees also engaged in the campaign by launching an internal fund raising initiative. Rödl & Partner’s employees organised a fundraiser in December 2020 dubbed “Christmas coffee for paramedics” to buy coffee and tea for two ambulance stations – in Cracow and Gliwice. The firm supported the campaign by doubling the amount raised.





Rödl & Partner leading the "Book of Lists" 2020/2021

Rödl & Partner has once again become one of the top firms in "Book of Lists", a prestigious guide to business in Poland. Our success in the 25th edition of the ranking confirms Rödl & Partner's strong position among consulting firms.

We are number one in three categories: accounting firms (for 5 years in a row), tax advisory firms (promotion from the last year's second place) and consulting firms.

We have ranked high also in other categories: number 3 among audit firms and number 10 among law firms.

Six firms are included in the ranking of consulting firms, 17 in the ranking of accounting firms, 11 in the ranking of tax advisory firms and 11 in the ranking of audit firms. The ranking of law firms included 29 entities. Revenues earned was the key selection criterion in the categories of accounting advisory, tax advisory and audit. In the case of law firms it was the number of lawyers.

"Book of Lists" presents rankings with the most important information about the business activity of more than 1000 companies from 11 sectors of the B2B economy: construction and real estate, finance, business services, transport and logistics, education, IT, travel and tourism, economy and industry.



Distinctions in Rzeczpospolita’s ranking of law firms

In the 18th edition of Rzeczpospolita’s ranking of law firms we were honoured 3 times in the category “Support for enterprises and healthcare providers during the epidemic” for: work organisation inside the law firm during the pandemic, participation in developing anti-crisis legislative solutions during the pandemic and assistance to healthcare providers during the pandemic.

Thanks to digitalised processes and the electronic document workflow we can securely serve our clients in all locations around the world, also remotely. In response to the crisis caused by the pandemic we have appointed a special COVID task force which monitors current legislative developments. Our experts have written more than 50 dedicated articles, delivered more than a dozen free webinars revising the market situation in the pandemic context and have engaged in over one hundred projects to support clients. We have also organised a campaign called “Help for hospitals”, which has brought our aid to six healthcare establishments located in Cracow, Gdansk, Gliwice, Poznan, Warsaw and Wroclaw.

Moreover, we have climbed 5 notches in the ranking category of “Law firms in terms of the number of lawyers” compared to the previous year. This confirms our sound footing on the market.




Rödl & Partner’s revenue grows by 8.5 per cent

Rödl & Partner continued its stable growth in the financial year 2019. The global turnover went up by 8.5 per cent to 489.9 million euro (compared to 451.5 million the year before), of which 264 million euro (+11.8 per cent) was achieved in Germany. The turnover outside Germany increased by almost 5 per cent and reached 226 million euro. Rödl & Partner generates its total turnover in its own offices currently available in 49 countries worldwide. Mergers and acquisitions once again contributed most to the turnover increase. The total number of such deals handled through Rödl & Partner rose from 282 to 313.

The number of Rödl & Partner employees grew again and exceeded 5,100 at the end of 2019.
Rödl & Partner has been developing its business activity ever since its establishment in 1977, more than doubling its total turnover in the last decade alone.




Rödl & Partner has signed the "Diversity Charter"


Rödl & Partner Poland joined on 5 May the "Diversity Charter" – an international initiative supported by the European Commission. The signatories undertake to build an open and inclusive workplace, prevent discrimination and promote diversity among their stakeholders. The "Diversity Charter" was drawn up in 2004 and it is present in the following EU countries: Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain and Sweden. As many as 278 organisations have already joined the initiative in Poland.

The Responsible Business Forum coordinates the Diversity Charter in Poland.



12 practices of Rödl & Partner in the report published by Responsible Business Forum



As many as 12 of Rödl & Partner's practices have been described in the 18th edition of Poland's largest review of CSR activities.

Rödl & Partner's first-time practices described in the 2019 edition:

  • "Poszukiwacze talentów" [Talent hunters] employee referral programme,
  • "Witamy w Rödl & Partner" [Welcome to Rödl & Partner] onboarding programme,
  • Series of CyberTech events,
  • coaching programme,
  • development of a code of ethics and an ethical system in the organisation,
  • "Dzielimy się wiedzą" [Knowledge sharing] – an in-house knowledge-sharing project,
  • "W ramach Rödl & Partner" [Within Rödl & Partner's frame] – corporate cycling challenge,
  • "W skrócie CSR" [CSR in short] – an educational project for employees.

Rödl & Partner's long-term practices published in 2019 edition:

  • CSR strategy,
  • charity work and community support,
  • student education initiatives,
  • development programme for managers.


Download the report >>




We are the laureate of the "Forbes Diamonds 2020"



For the second time, Rödl & Partner was included in the Forbes ranking among the companies with the most dynamic growth in value.


The "Forbes Diamond 2020" title is a distinction and confirmation of the stable position of Rödl & Partner among the best companies on the Polish market. The criteria which were followed in the evaluation of companies are developed according to the Swiss method of company value valuation and based on financial results for the last two years of operation, property value, history and payment credibility, and the absence of negative legal events.



Renata Kabas-Komorniczak – a new Managing Partner



Rödl & Partner’s organisational structure changed considerably at the beginning of the year. On 1 January 2020, Renata Kabas-Komorniczak (Poland) and Nicola Lohrey (France) became board members following their promotion to Managing Partners. Wolfgang Kraus, a board member up to that date, has left the firm and retired.

The current composition of Rödl & Partner’s management board:
Prof. Dr. Christian Rödl
Prof. Dr. Peter Bömelburg
Dr. José Campos Nave
Dr. Hans Weggenmann
Renata Kabas-Komorniczak
Nicola Lohrey
Martin Wambach



Rödl & Partner ranks high again among consulting firms in the “Book of Lists 2019/2020”



Rödl & Partner has confirmed its stable position on the consulting market ranking high in the prestigious ranking “Book of Lists 2019/2020”. We are first among accounting firms (fourth year in a row) and second among tax consulting firms (one notch up from the previous year). Among audit firms, Rödl & Partner has placed third. Renata Kabas-Komorniczak picked up the awards during the grand gala in Warsaw.


“Book of Lists” is a guide to the Polish businesses ranking them every year in eight sectors of the B2B economy: construction and real estate, finance, business services, transport and logistics, education, IT, travel and tourism, industry.


The First International Forum of Law Firms 


I międzynarodowe forum kancelarii.png

The Regional Bar Association in Wroclaw will be holding the First International Forum of Law Firms on 20 September 2019. The meeting will host practising lawyers from Poland, Germany, the UK, Belgium, Spain and Italy. Rödl & Partner will be represented by Ulrike Grube, Joanna Jurasz, Barbara Kaczała, Klaudia Kamińska-Kiempa and Katarzyna Małaniuk, who will lecture on the subject “Compliance solutions as risk management instruments for international groups.” For event details go to: https://oirp.wroclaw.pl/aktualnosci/962



Rödl & Partner re-elected as adviser of PFR Ventures



Rödl & Partner was re-elected as the investment legal adviser of PFR Ventures on 19 June 2019. The companies work together internationally: besides Rödl & Partner experts from Poland also those from Germany, the Netherlands, the UK and Luxembourg are involved in the collaboration.  PFR Ventures manages five funds of funds which together with private investors, business angels and corporations will invest over PLN 4 billion in Venture Capital funds.



Rödl & Partner fifth in two categories in ELSA Poland ranking



Rödl & Partner was ranked fifth in two categories of the twentieth edition of the ranking organised by the European Law Students’ Association (ELSA) Poland: “the most recognisable consulting firm” and “the best consulting employer”. Rödl & Partner was also among the companies listed in the rankings “the best law firm employer” and “the most recognisable law firm employer” – we were mentioned by every fifth respondent.





13th Tax Consultancy Firm Ranking by Rzeczpospolita: Rödl & Partner ranks 7th



Rödl & Partner has once again scored high in the ranking of tax consultancy firms organised by Rzeczpospolita daily newspaper. In the 13th edition of the ranking, Rödl & Partner has ranked 5th in terms of revenue growth achieved compared to the previous year, 7th in terms of the number of tax consultants, and 7th in terms of achieved revenue.


Distinction awards for Rödl & Partner’s tax advisors have also been great success. Dominika Tyczka has received a distinction in the category of Young Tax Consultancy Talent, and Łukasz Szczygieł has been recognised as a recommended real estate tax consultant.






Rödl & Partner wins the “Good Company 2019” and “Good Employer 2019” awards for the second time  



Rödl & Partner has again received a distinction award in the nationwide “Responsible Business Leader” programme which evaluates how companies implement the concept of sustainable development. Rödl & Partner has won the “Good Company 2019” and “Good Employer 2019” awards.  




Rödl & Partner recognised in the "Responsible Business in Poland 2018. Good Practices” report



Rödl & Partner has been recognised in the CSR report published by Responsible Business Forum [Forum Odpowiedzialnego Biznesu]. The report presents the most powerful CSR initiatives. The authors of the publication have highlighted 5 good practices implemented by Rödl & Partner:

  • anti-mobbing policy
  • management development programme
  • student training initiatives
  • charity fundraising
  • employee volunteering 




Responsible Employer - HR Leader 2019



For the second time now, Rödl & Partner has received a distinction award in the "Responsible Employer - HR Leader” ranking published by Strefa Gospodarki business magazine. The criteria evaluated by the ranking include Corporate Social Responsibility, employee motivation policy, staff development dynamics, and opportunities for improving employee qualifications.




Christmas Card 2018


This is the ninth time we have organised a contest for an unusual Christmas Card with an angel motif. The contest drawings have come from children’s homes no. 1, 2 and 3 in Gliwice. The winner is Piotr Jaworski – it is his work that adorns Rödl & Partner’s Christmas Card sent to clients, partners and contractors of Rödl & Partner this year. Liliane Preusser, Partner at Rödl & Partner, met with the children who participated in the contest on 18 December to deliver prizes and Christmas gifts. Additionally, we have donated funds to all three children’s homes for children summer trips.
Rödl & Partner wishes you all Merry Christmas!





Rödl & Partner with a new corporate design



Rödl & Partner refreshes its visual identity (corporate design). The changes are supposed to underline the values defining the business approach of Rödl & Partner. The new designs have been developed to emphasise our innovative spirit and the feeling of security which we give to our clients. The changes concern the key design elements such as the logo, the fonts, the colours and the imagery. The new corporate design will be gradually applied to all of our corporate communications – both internal and external. For more details, see our corporate website in English.



Corporate Design.jpg


Rödl & Partner ranks high again in the Book of Lists



This year's Book of Lists, which is a guide to Polish business, proves Rödl & Partner's well-established market position among advisory firms. Rödl & Partner was ranked first among "Accounting firms" and second in the ranking of Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) companies. Other leading positions include 3rd place in the ranking of tax advisory firms and 4th place among international law firms.


Dyplom Book of Lists.jpg



Rödl & Partner awarded a distinction and took the 6th place in the ranking of tax advisers by Rzeczpospolita



In the 12th ranking of tax advisory firms by Rzeczpospolita Rödl & Partner was awarded a distinction in the category "Prestigious win in court in CIT-related lawsuits". Renata Kabas-Komorniczak collected the prize from Tomasz Pietryga, deputy editor-in-chief of Rzeczpospolita.

When it comes to the other categories, Rödl & Partner has kept its high positions: it remains one of the leaders in terms of the number of tax advisers (6th place), and in terms of revenue we ranked 8th.

Moreover, Marcin Jamroży has once again been recommended as the best international tax law expert.


12 Ranking Rzeczpospolitej.jpg



Rödl & Partner Opens New Locations



Rödl & Partner has opened three new offices – two in Portugal (Lisbon and Porto) and one in Austria – in Linz. The new office in Linz is the second (after Vienna) office of Rödl & Partner in Austria, whereas the offices in Lisbon and Porto are the first offices of Rödl & Partner in Portugal. Consequently, since 2018 our firm is present on the entire Iberian Peninsula, and the closely liaising offices in Portugal and Spain support our clients across Iberia. Our experts in Lisbon and Porto offer legal and tax advisory services, as well as auditing services, whereas the Linz office focuses on business consulting and auditing. The Rödl & Partner Group has currently over 4,700 employees in 111 offices in 51 countries around the world.




Workshops for investors in RES



The “Investing in renewable energy in Poland – opportunities and challenges” workshop will be held in Düsseldorf on 11 July. Our speaker will present current Polish legal and tax regulations regarding this area and will discuss the already completed as well as the anticipated renewable energy auction rounds. The event is addressed to German enterprises interested in investing in RES in Poland. The workshop will be led by Piotr Mrowiec, Associate Partner at Rödl & Partner. Registration


Organised by: EnergieAgentur.NRW together with Rödl & Partner



Rödl & Partner wins the title of Good Company 2018 and Good Employer 2018



Rödl & Partner took part in the 11th edition of the Poland-wide programme called Social Responsibility Leaders and has been awarded with two titles: Good Company 2018 and Good Employer 2018. The programme aims to distinguish leaders of socially responsible businesses and promote good CSR practices. Winners have been chosen on the basis of, among other things, the company's involvement in charity, sponsorship or employer branding policy, as well as other positive initiatives inside and outside the organisation.


The programme is run under the auspices of the Institute of Philosophy and Sociology at the Polish Academy of Sciences.





Rödl & Partner among the 2018 Forbes' Diamonds



Rödl & Partner is listed in the 2018 edition of "Diamenty Forbesa" (Forbes' Diamonds), a renowned ranking presenting the companies boasting the most dynamic value growth. Companies were assessed using the Swiss business valuation method and based on such criteria as the profits 2014-2016, the value of assets, the payment history and credit standing and a clean legal record. The "Forbes' Diamond 2018" title confirms Rödl & Partner's strong position on the market. The complete list of the 'diamonds' is enclosed with the February issue of Forbes, which appeared on 25 January 2018.




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