Interdisciplinary services: comprehensive advisory from a single source



Each service line at Rödl & Partner is well positioned and all areas of our activity have a strong market position. Thanks to our interdisciplinary business model powered by our multidisciplinary skills, we guarantee clients comprehensive and consistent advice, provided by one entity and fully supervised by a dedicated expert.



Interdisciplinary business model



Our teams with a number of different areas of operations are well integrated and have
special organisational experience working with multidisciplinary projects. We offer comprehensive consultancy (finance, law, taxes, cybersecurity) from "one source". Thanks to close cooperation, we are able to provide fast and targeted service process. This has proven itself in day-to-day business, for example, with tasks which require different disciplines in connection with international corporate legal structures for company groups optimised for tax, transactions (M&A) or company succession.

We also provide consulting services for projects involving only one practice or contribute
to interdisciplinary project teams in collaboration with competitors.


One-stop shop for consulting services


Our advisory focuses on the practical side and individual needs of clients. We are highly effective thanks to an interdisciplinary approach and our own offices abroad. For the benefit of our clients, we offer comprehensive services, involving various areas of activity on a global scale within the project. Each of the countries where we are present can become a possible and desirable starting point for interdisciplinary cooperation.


In addition to consulting services, we also support the implementation of other projects. In the area of ​​outsourcing, we take over projects related to accounting, controlling or current tasks in companies.




What makes us unique


  • many years of experience - we have been operating on the market since 1977,
  • interdisciplinary knowledge on a global scale – 107 offices in 50 countries,
  • individual approach to the client – a dedicated expert,
  • security and comprehensiveness of services. 


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Renata Kabas-Komorniczak

Tax adviser (Poland)

Managing Partner

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Monika Behrens

Attorney at law (Poland)


+48 22 696 28 00

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