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Tax advisory services


Every economic decision may lead to certain tax consequences. Therefore, our tax advisory services in Poland are dedicated to enterprises of all legal forms and industries. Tax issues may also occur in everyday life of individuals, e.g. in the case of an inheritance. In such situations also individual clients may need the assistance of a tax adviser.


“Ignorantia iuris nocet” and may trigger severe financial consequences, especially when it comes to taxation. Therefore, it is wise to trust specialists who will make sure your accounts with the tax authorities are in order. This way you can limit the tax risk of your business despite the number and complexity of the tax regulations which are constantly changing. A competent tax adviser will also propose tailored solutions to avoid the unnecessary tax burden.


Our tax advisers concentrate not only on solving one particular problem of the client, but look at his business as a whole – they recognise needs, identify risks and show tax avoidance opportunities. Our law firm provides comprehensive legal and tax advisory services which account for all needs of your organisation. Thanks to six Rödl & partner locations in Poland and numerous offices around the world we offer professional services to domestic  and international organisations, cross-border transactions and undertakings. We advise in Polish, German and English.


The professional approach and commitment of our tax advisers have been honoured a number of times.




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​Rödl & Partner's ongoing tax advisory services refer to the following kinds of taxation:

The Polish tax regulations are often amended. For this reason being up-to-date in tax law is a real challenge. The reasons for the frequent changes in the Polish tax law include, on one hand, internal social and economical transformation issues and, on the other hand, the unification of the tax system in the European Union and the standards of the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD).


Competent tax advisers constantly follow the changes in Polish and international law as well as the case law. That way your settlements are correct and abide by law as well as the case law of administrative courts and tax authorities.

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