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Tax advisory services

doradztwo podatkowe
Every economic decision may cause certain tax consequences. Tax laws to be observed by businesses are plentiful and that is what makes them so difficult to follow. Since ignorantia iuris nocet (“not knowing the law is harmful”), it is worth trusting in experts who will make sure your dealings with the taxman are in order.

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Polish tax laws are amended often. For this reason being up-to-date with tax law is a real challenge.

We offer our tax advisory services to enterprises of all legal forms and industries. 
We sometimes assist individuals as well. We will help you mitigate the tax risk involved in your business. We will also propose tailored solutions which aim to optimize the tax burden.

We approach every company individually considering its nature, needs and business objectives. That is how we can offer the best solutions tailored to the company's needs and requirements.

Tax avoidance – advice

We focus not only on solving your one particular problem, but regard your business as a whole – we see the needs, identify the risks and show potential for optimisation.

​Tax advice – our services 

We offer tax advice in the following areas:
​We ensure complex legal and tax advisory services which account for all needs of an organisation. Thanks to six locations in Poland and many offices in the whole world Rödl & Partner offers professional services not only to national but also to international entities, transactions and undertakings. We advise in Polish, German and English. We are awarded in rankings of tax advisory firms and our tax advisers are honoured individually every year.

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Tax advisory services – why bother?

Tax advisory services bring a lot of benefits to companies, especially those that hire no such experts in-house.

Tax advisers ensure that your company complies with tax laws, thus mitigating the risk of financial penalties or other adverse consequences.

They help to streamline business processes involving taxes and finance. Tax advisers help to identify problems and point out the opportunities to improve effectiveness and optimise business processes. With their knowledge and experience they help companies avoid mistakes and save time and, therefore, increase profits and improve business performance.

Tax advice for individuals

Tax advisers assist individuals in preparing and filing their tax returns. They let you make sure that your tax return is correct and complies with tax laws. This helps you avoid the risk of tax sanctions and other problems with incorrectly completed documents.

Tax advisers may help individuals in matters involving inheritance, such as tax obligations or property division.
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