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Litigation and dispute resolution


Disputes with business partners, shareholders or employees arise in the course of the business activity quite often. In order to solve the dispute the parties may be required to get (more or less) involved in civil proceedings and (sometimes) in proceedings to secure claims or in enforcement proceedings.

In some situations issues can be resolved outside court (e.g. in cases for making an entry in the land and mortgage register). Nevertheless, in all civil proceedings certain rules must be obeyed (especially as far as the formal requirements for the letters submitted to courts or the deadlines for certain actions are concerned). Their violation may have serious consequences.


Court letters from other EU member states – to accept or not to accept, and if yes, how and when to do it? »

What to do if you receive international court mail and what to pay attention to for the service to be not only effective but above all – safe?


Amendments to the Code of Civil Procedure – in progress »

The Senate passed amendments to the Act amending the Code of Civil Procedure on 23 February 2023.


Can we trust the information disclosed in the land and mortgage registers? »

The answer is yes, but with some reservations. The vast majority of the information disclosed in the land and mortgage register files is accurate. There are exceptions, though.


How to effectively protect intangible assets? »

Trademark registration with the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) does not ensure total protection.


Management board's liability – may the company's creditor be my creditor? »

Can a management board's liability to a limited liability company be split? Rödl & Partner's experts discuss practical methods to secure board members' interests in case of a court dispute. 


Criminal liability of management board members »

The code of Commercial Companies says that the management board represents a company and manages its affairs.


The general contractor's liability »

The general contractor's liability for the compensation of a sub-subcontractor is not a new problem. This issue is still widely debated and continues to be the subject of interesting court rulings.


Arbitration clause in RES contracts »

At the beginning of any collaboration, the parties to the contract are very enthusiastic and have the best of intentions to perform it.


Is pipeline assembly a specific work? »

In this article we will use a court case study to explain, among other things, what a contractor should ask about and what the customer should tell.


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