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Usługi Rödl & Partner

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Audit »

Rödl & Partner has designed its audit services to suit the needs of international enterprises operating in Poland. We offer our services to all companies with Polish and foreign capital doing business internationally, especially to companies from German-speaking countries searching the Polish market for a partner that would ideally meet their needs and standards. 


Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) is a solution suitable for enterprises of any size wanting to use their resources in the best possible way. Outsourcing of business processes (such as financial accounting, HR and payroll, staff recruitment or translation) helps to reduce business expenses while maintaining or even improving the quality of the outsourced processes.

​Consulting »

As part of business consulting and financing services, Rödl & Partner advisers support investors both in Poland and in Germany and assist businesses in starting and running operations in special economic zones or in applying for EU grants. Property valuation services are offered to enterprises and individuals that need a documented appraisal of commercial and residential real properties. This includes also expert opinions on the real property market.

Legal advisory »

Rödl & Partner offers its legal advisory services to Polish and foreign enterprises of all legal forms and industries doing business in Poland. Our legal advisers and attorneys at law assist businesses with an already established presence as well as those just starting operations on the Polish market. Rödl & Partner also serves individuals faced with legal complexities of e.g. receiving an inheritance, signing a rental agreement or selling a real property. 

Tax advisory »

Our tax advisers focus not only on solving one particular problem of the client, but regard his business as a whole – they see the needs, identify the risks and show potential for optimisation. Our law firm ensures comprehensive legal and tax advisory services taking into account all the needs that an organisation may have. We dedicate our tax advisory services to enterprises of all legal forms and industries. Also everyday situations of individuals, e.g. receiving an inheritance, may give rise to tax consequences that could be efficiently handled by a tax adviser. 

Interdisciplinary services »

Each service line at Rödl & Partner is well positioned and all areas of our activity have a strong market position. Thanks to our interdisciplinary business model powered by our multidisciplinary skills, we guarantee clients comprehensive and consistent advice, provided by one entity and fully supervised by a dedicated expert. 

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