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Legal advisory services



Our legal advisory services are dedicated to domestic and foreign enterprises of all legal forms and industries which do business in Poland. Teams of our attorneys at law support companies which already are on the market as well as those which are planning to enter it. Rödl & Partner assists also private clients who are facing legal intricacies of e.g. receiving an inheritance, signing a lease agreement or a real property sales contract.


Since ignorantia juris non excusat (Latin for “ignorance of law excuses no one”), it makes a lot of sense to engage a law firm when you conduct a business or carry out certain legal transactions (in particular when you assume obligations). Hence, you will avoid situations when your business partners formulate contractual provisions or attempt to impose terms of business that are unfavourable or detrimental to you.


Professional legal advice will also protect you against potential cost- and time-consuming disputes.Attorneys at law at Rödl & Partner form teams specialised in particular legal areas to ensure efficient and professional customer service.  With six locations in Poland and offices around the world we can offer legal assistance not only in national but also international transactions and undertakings.


The professional approach and commitment of our lawyers have been honoured a number of times.



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Rödl & Partner offers legal services in the following areas:


As part of on-going legal services Rödl & Partner's specialists will help you choose the best legal form for your business and register it. They will also point out the available sources of financing the business start-up and further operations. Our experts will help you structure the company's operations to ensure proper corporate governance and good relations with your employees. Our support and legal assistance for companies which enter the market help them avoid pitfalls that may prevent or hinder their future development or become a source of disputes with employees. It also improves decision-making processes.


Rödl & Partner's legal services include:

  • assistance in launching and running a business in Poland;
  • corporate law;
  • labour law;
  • forms of business financing.

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