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Legal advisory services


​​Businesses have to meet a lot of legal requirements to operate lawfully. Otherwise, they may face severe consequences such as fines.

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The legislation is changing at high speed – new obligations and restrictions appear all too often. That is why businesses may find it difficult to stay up to date with legislative changes affecting their operations.​

egal services may bring a number of benefits, especially to companies that do not have in-house lawyers. 

We offer our legal advisory services to Polish and foreign enterprises of all legal forms and industries doing business in Poland. We assist businesses with an already established presence as well as those just entering the Polish market. 

By retaining our attorneys at law, you can devote 100% of your attention to running and growing your business instead of following legislative changes. You will avoid mistakes and save time and nerves, thus improving your business performance.

Our experts specialise in various disciplines of law, so we can provide comprehensive legal services to businesses and individuals.
If you run a business, use our support. We will help you avoid situations in which the other party formulates unfavourable contractual provisions or offers unfair terms and conditions of collaboration. You will also avoid potentially costly and long disputes.

​Legal advice – individuals

We provide legal services also to individual clients who face legal complexities.

Our experts will help you resolve all legal issues of inheritance or a donation. If needed, we will support you in tax matters as well – to properly account for the inheritance and gift tax, and the related tax obligations.

We advise individuals who want to buy or sell a real property or sign another contract involving a property (e.g. lease or rental). We will help you navigate through the deal, minimising risks and protecting you from wrong decisions. In addition to the legal support in real property matters, we will also help you with taxes, e.g. the real property tax.

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