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Assisting businesses during the coronavirus crisis




To help businesses cope with the crisis caused by the coronavirus epidemic, our experts offer:





 Anti-crisis shield


  • applications for subsidies on remuneration of individuals affected by economic downtime or a reduction in working hours;
  • applications to the Social Insurance Institution (ZUS) for exemption from contributions;
  • applications to the Social Insurance Institution (ZUS) for postponement of the contribution payment deadline;
  • changes to working hours.



Commercial space leases


  • review of existing leases;
  • assistance in negotiations over lease performance during the epidemic.



Contract performance


  • review of existing contracts in terms of inability to perform the contract, occurrence of force majeure, and application of the rebus sic stantibus clause;
  • support in negotiation of new terms and conditions of business contracts;
  • certificates confirming circumstances that could exempt a party from contractual liability.



Epidemic-related restrictions


  • restrictions to conducting business;
  • employer’s responsibilities regarding the organisation of work processes;
  • restrictions to the movement of people.



Restructuring measures


  • out-of-court restructuring of liabilities;
  • in-court restructuring proceedings. 





Support for SMEs in obtaining subsidies from PFR (Polski Fundusz Rozwoju)


  • checking of conditions for obtaining aid from PFR;
  • preparing, collecting and assistance in obtaining the required legal and financial documentation;
  • support in drafting documents in foreign languages, including translation of applications (German, English, Spanish, Italian, French);
  • day-to-day support in filling in and filing applications;
  • legal opinions on how to spend the received subsidies;
  • opinions as part of financial consulting on conducting business in a way allowing the recognition of cash losses;
  • day-to-day advice on using the received subsidies;
  • assistance in preparing a subsidy spending report;
  • support in accounting for subsidies.



Support in obtaining financial aid for large enterprises from PFR


  • presentation of the forms of aid available from PFR, assistance in choosing the most suitable form of aid;
  • checking of conditions for obtaining aid from PFR;
  • estimation of the EBITDA, determining the attainable aid amount and an approximate loan amount that may be forgiven under preferential financing;
  • preparation of or assistance in collecting the required legal or financial documents and, at the client’s request, support in preparing a financial forecast taking into account the impact of COVID-19 on the client’s operations;
  • support in drafting documents in foreign languages, including translation of applications (German, English, Spanish, Italian, French);
  • day-to-day assistance in filling in and filing the application, including collecting of documents necessary to undergo a due diligence audit, and conducting of negotiations with PFR on behalf of the enterprise;
  • drafting a legal opinion on how to spend the financial aid and on other aid-related implications;
  • support in accounting for the received financial aid.
















Transfer pricing during the pandemic


Due to the outbreak of COVID-19, we draw your attention to transfer pricing problems caused by the epidemic as well as the risk areas and possible solutions. As part of our services we offer support in analysing:

  • how coronavirus affects the terms and conditions of transactions between associated enterprises;
  • how the economic slowdown caused by SARS-CoV-2 affects, or may affect, the APA procedure.

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Legal and technical support in decisions and measures related to the company’s operations during and after the COVID-19 epidemic



An external team of experts in law, taxes and security will help you survive the pandemic crisis by coordinating or supporting your actions in the following areas:


  •  taking care of legal and technical aspects of telework;
  • analysis of risks associated with the COVID-19 epidemic;
  • support in business continuity planning;
  • checking the security of the implemented solutions;
  • checking if the temporary procedures and regulatory changes comply with law; 
  • using the optimum methods to settle your tax based on the regulations currently in force;
  • legal and technical analysis of security incidents.



Please contact our experts for help.


We analyse the situation of every company individually to be by their side in their efforts to go through the current crisis with little or no impact.


last publication date: June 2020

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