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Corporate culture



Rödl & Partner is the agile caring partner for Mittelstand shaped world market leaders. Just as with most of our clients an entrepreneurial heart beats within us. We have the same pulse rate. This leads us to have the same convictions. So we all agree: it‘s not enough just to decide that one would like to act in an entrepreneurial manner. This alone is not enough to create the pioneering entrepreneur. In addition, relentless drive is necessary, a kind of restlessness similar to that of a watch movement. This enables bustling activity, industriousness, inspiration, enthusiasm and a healthy attitude to risk taking.

The “one firm” concept is at the centre of the brand identity of Rödl & Partner. All services are offered under the brand name “Rödl & Partner”. In order to strengthen the brand in a sustainable manner and to ensure recognition in external as well as internal communication, a worldwide uniformity is necessary.


Our brand, however, does not only consist of a logo, but also defines our unique selling propositions and our business model through our brand DNA.




Each one of us approaches their clients and colleagues with empathy. We treat our counterparts in the same way as we ourselves would like to be treated.


Our clients expect clear orientation. Instead of ducking away we make well-defined recommendations.


We follow a strict market orientation. In doing so, we identify opportunities and take advantage of them.


We fulfil the expectations our clients and colleagues have of “Made in Germany”.

We are not a network. We are ONE firm. We operate internationally with our own locations in 49 countries.


We are not a network. We are ONE firm. With our own offices we are present in 49 countries worldwide.

Team spirit

We rarely achieve our success as soloists, but rather as a team. Each one of us has their own strong personality – but the collective sound of the orchestra is decisive.


We do not rest but always strive for improvement and operational expansion. We are successful when our clients are successful. 

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