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Chambers and associations


Polish-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry (AHK Poland)


Polsko-Niemiecka Izba Handlowa


Rödl & Partner accompanies investors from the German-speaking area wherever they see the potential for further growth of their business. Poland has occupied a prominent position on this map for 30 years now, and Rödl & Partner has been invariably regarded here as a leading adviser on business relations. We support investors from German-speaking area in their ventures into Poland and assist Polish companies in their expansion into the West.

Rödl & Partner is a member of the Polish-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry (AHK Poland) which was founded in 1995 and is currently the largest bilateral chamber in Poland. It is also one of the 83 German Chambers of Commerce (AHKs) and has been accredited by the Association of German Chambers of Commerce and Industry (German: Deutscher Industrie-und Handelskammertag, DIHK) and by the Polish Chamber of Commerce. 

Form more information please contact AHK.


French-Polish Chamber of Commerce (CCIFP)

Francusko-Polska Izba Gospodarcza

Rödl & Partner's clients come from all language areas. In order to meet the needs of our French clients we have joined the Polish-French Chamber of Industry & Commerce (La Chambre de Commerce et d'Industrie France Pologne, CCIFP).  

The Polish-French Chamber of Industry & Commerce is one of the largest and most active bilateral chambers in Poland. It currently gathers over 400 entities with French and Polish capital. The chamber was formed in 1994 on the initiative of the French enterprises operating in Poland. CCIFP supports and advises French businesses in Poland, builds the business contacts, organises thematic meetings and seminars as well as training in professional skills. The chamber also promotes good business practices. 

Form more information please contact CCIFP.



British-Polish Chamber of Commerce (BPCC)


Brytyjsko-Polska Izba Handlowa


A lot of Rödl & Partner's clients come from the Anglo-Saxon area where the quality and professional approach are of paramount importance. To better answer the needs of those clients Rödl & Partner has joined the British-Polish Chamber of Commerce (BPCC) which supports development of British businesses on the Polish market. 

BPCC was established in 1992 and currently has 400 members who represent about 25% of total foreign direct investments in Poland. In addition to the fostering of business contacts the chamber promotes good practices in the Polish and British economy and culture. It also propagates the idea of corporate social responsibility. 

For more information please contact BPCC.


Silesian Employers' Association

Dolnośląscy Pracodawcy


To meet the needs of our clients, Rödl & Partner has joined “Dolnoslascy Pracodawcy” – the Regional Employers' Association of the Lewiatan Confederation. It is one of the largest such organisations in Lower Silesia. The association was founded in 1992 and currently represents over 150 businesses in the region. The membership in the association lets us receive up-to-date regional business information and participate in various business events held in Lower Silesia (Dolnośląskie Province).
The organisation works together with institutions that strive to ensure favourable conditions for competition and market development. Furthermore, it often gives opinions on or requests amendments and raises objections to laws and regulations, and lobbies by preparing press communications and media releases. 

Pracodawcy Pomorza


Pracodawcy Pomorza

Due to the dynamic development of our office in Gdansk, Rödl & Partner has established relations with the organisation Pracodawcy Pomorza (Pomeranian Employers).

Pracodawcy Pomorza is the biggest and oldest employers' organisation in Pomerania and was established in 1991 under the name of Gdański Związek Pracodawców (Gdańsk Union of Employers). It brings together almost 1000 enterprises of various business profiles – from micro enterprises to large corporations – from all sorts of branches. Also schools, universities and cultural institutions belong to it. The organisation's mission is to support the dynamic and long-term economic development of the region and its members, protection of the employers' interests, their representation before legislative and executive authorities as well as institutions which supervise and control enterprises.

Pracodawcy Pomorza is a representative organisation which means that it can influence legislative work directly and is able to actively apply for EU funds, which it does. The organisation acts as a leader and partner of projects which contribute to the development of the social dialogue and the entrepreneurial spirit within the region. It is also member of the Lewiatan Confederation.


For more information please contact Pracodawców Pomorza.



 Polish-German Business Centre Association

DWK Poznań


The Polish-German Business Centre Association in Poznan has developed from the German Business Centre established at the beginning of the 90s as an informal gathering of German investors in Poznan. Since its foundation, the centre has focused on sharing business experience and establishing contacts with local authorities and institutions. The Business Centre became a formal association in 2004. Its members include European companies, having mainly Polish and German share capital, operating in the Wielkopolska region as well as representatives of local institutions and associations. The association encourages potential German investors to take an interest in Poznan and Wielkopolska.

Detailed information about the association’s activities is available at its website: DWK Poznań

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