Incorporating a real property into a SEZ


Enterprises that want to start a business in a SEZ as well as those already there may be interested in incorporating certain real properties or lands into the SEZ in connection with a project they carry out outside the SEZ. It makes a lot of sense to contract expert assistance in applying for this.

Rödl & Partner's experts will review and point out additional opportunities for you to exploit the potential of the zones in order to expand your business activity and maximise your profits. They will also check if the land intended for your project meets the SEZ requirements and will go through the complex procedure to amend the Council of Ministers' regulation governing the SEZ area in Poland.

Rödl & Partner's experts monitor the laws and early signs of legislative changes to compile a collection of the most important information about in-zone activities. Our specialised "SSE News" newsletter and articles published on the Rödl & Partner's website bring enterprises up-to-date with the opportunities and benefits of the SEZs. 

What we do:

  • review the requirements for incorporating a land into a SEZ;
  • advise you on the available state aid opportunities;
  • start the procedure to incorporate a land into a SEZ;
  • participate in the procedure and negotiate with the SEZ admin.

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