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Food industry is strictly defined and regulated by law. There are laws governing, among others, production, processing, sale and marketing of food and food products. They are the same throughout the EU but may vary across EU Member States.

Rödl & Partner supports food companies in many ways and helps them solve the most frequent problems regarding compliance with food law. You are welcome to check our offer.


Food law in Rödl & Partner Poland

We approach food law, just like other areas of law, from an interdisciplinary and international perspective. Please find out more about the full range of food law services provided by Rödl & Partner.



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Anastazja Niedzielska-Pitera

Attorney at law (Poland)

+48 12 213 25 43
+48 880 784 338

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Anna Smagowicz-Tokarz

Attorney at law (Poland)

Associate Partner

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+48 600 346 782

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