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Intellectual and industrial property law


Copyrights and industrial property rights are inseparably linked with the dynamic growth of modern technologies. Protection of intellectual property rights presents one of the biggest challenges for Polish and foreign businesses planning to enter or already operating on the Polish market.

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​Our advice on the protection of copyrights and industrial property rights will help you secure your intangible assets such as the company name, trademarks and internet domains against unauthorised use. Should your rights be infringed, the solutions developed by our specialists will help cut the time necessary to remove the infringement and minimise the costs of necessary legal measures. We also support organisations suffering damage due to unexpected unfair competition practices of other market players.

All actions taken to protect intangible assets bring long-term benefits. Trademarks and internet domains are crucial elements of your enterprise. Their value grows over time and often determines the service or product recognition, which in turn translates into financial performance. That is why, it is worth paying special attention to these aspects when doing long-term business planning. 

​Rödl & Partner's clients have access to an interdisciplinary team of specialists (attorneys at law, tax advisers and, if need be, patent experts). Rödl & Partner provides comprehensive advice tailored to the specific needs of our clients. The professional and multi-faceted approach combined with the vast experience of our specialists gives you an opportunity to take full advantage of the intellectual property laws. They also help you protect your interests to the best possible extent. Importantly, Rödl & Partner operates in the local market while being a part of a global group, so we can take care of your intellectual property issues also outside Poland.

What we do in the area of intellectual and industrial property law:

  • handle court and administrative cases (especially disputes over trademarks before the Polish Patent Office) regarding intellectual property protection (copyrights, industrial property rights); conduct intellectual property litigations before arbitration courts in Poland and abroad
  • copyrights, intellectual property rights;
  • protect businesses against registration of internet domains that infringes on their rights, especially recover .eu domains in ADR proceedings before the Arbitration Court attached to the Czech Chamber of Commerce and the Agricultural Chamber of the Czech Republic (currently the only arbitration court appointed by the European Commission to consider this kind of matters);
  • draw up licence agreements;
  • draw up copyright transfer agreements;
  • advise on a strategy for protection of intellectual property rights in your company;
  • legal opinions on intellectual property protection (copyright, industrial property right);
  • carry our due diligence studies of intellectual property (copyright, industrial property right).

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