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Changes in contracts and terms and conditions of sale


​​​​​Directive on certain aspects concerning contracts for the sale of goods (2019/771 of 20 May 2019) concerns, above all, contracts for sale concluded between consumers and businesses.


Sellers should review their general terms and conditions of contracts and ensure that they comply with the EU laws. The most important changes include more precise criteria for non-conformity of goods with the contract and definition of goods with digital elements, as well as definitions of consumers rights and obligations of businesses. The implementation deadline is 1 January 2022.


Do the changes provided for in the directive affect you?

The directive affects businesses which sell their products to consumers or e.g. sole proprietors (small enterprises).


What if I do not follow the changes?

If you fail to follow the changes provided for in the directive, your practices may be found to breach the collective interests of consumers. This triggers a large risk of court disputes with consumers.


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