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Financial due diligence


Our due diligence service is designed for those who want to buy or sell an enterprise. A due diligence audit helps to determine your own transaction price and to find a third party investor. A due diligence audit also adds to the enterprise integrity or helps to introduce structural changes. It is also useful in building the optimum future market position of the company.

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A financial due diligence provides in-depth knowledge about an enterprise and lets you be sure of its value. By hiring experienced auditors to do your due diligence in Poland you will save a lot of time and resources because both parties to the transaction will obtain all necessary information. A financial due diligence covers identification and assessment of risks as well as advice on all aspects of interest to every stakeholder. Thus, one audit delivers benefits to both the seller and the buyer.


By choosing Rödl & Partner Poland for your due diligence you are sure to be in touch with one contact person (a dedicated account manager), which facilitates the communication. The work itself is done by an interdisciplinary team of specialists (finance, tax, legal). For each engagement we design a separate action plan depending on the profile, the needs and the capacity of the enterprise to be checked out.

Rödl & Partner has years of experience in due diligence audits in Poland. Every engagement starts with defining the scope of work which is divided into stages if needed. By singling out and concentrating on key aspects we can reduce the time and resources we need to complete the work.

The due diligence is mainly about advice on key aspects of acquisition and sale of enterprises or their parts. The audit delivers an information package for all parties to the transaction. The due diligence audit is divided into financial, legal and tax due diligence. In its broadest sense, a due diligence is an investigation into all aspects of an enterprise in order to obtain a comprehensive picture of its standing, growth history and future potential.

A due diligence often begins with a "Red Flag Due Diligence" which is a search for any dealbreakers (potential reasons for termination of the deal/negotiations). After that stage, a due diligence may extend into further areas.


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