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Tax avoidance


It is available to all enterprises which want to develop mechanisms in their business to reduce the tax burden. It is supplemented by advisory services on the avoidance of other public law duties.

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​Tax avoidance services 

Under the umbrella of tax avoidance services in Poland our tax advisers will show you how to optimize ongoing income tax, turnover tax and wealth taxes, and  how to save on taxes taking into account the nature of your business activity. They will also help you in tax planning of every transaction or undertaking so as to lower the tax risk, avoid double taxation or thin capitalisation, but still reach your business goals. 

While advising on tax avoidance our teams use their experiences from a number of tax avoidance projects, including projects which required close collaboration with our experts all over the world. Every client can count on an individual approach as well as advisory services tailored to the nature of the business.

For international organisations our tax teams take care of tax avoidance locally and globally.

​Rödl & Partner tax planning covers:

  • advice on avoiding unnecessary taxes on income, turnover and wealth;
  • advice on tax avoidance opportunities in individual transactions and undertakings;
  • advice on thin capitalisation;
  • advice on the optimal utilisation of tax losses;
  • avoidance of withholding tax;
  • application of double taxation avoidance agreements.

Our advice on avoidance of taxes on liabilities under public law covers without limitation the determination of the proper accident insurance.
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