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International tax planning


Our international tax planning services are addressed not only to Polish but also to foreign enterprises for which Poland is one of their international locations.

Thanks to our expert advice on international tax planning you can easily include your subsidiaries, branches and permanent establishments in Poland into your international structures and reshape your businesses in various countries to save on taxes in the long run. Polish enterprises interested in investing abroad and developing their business in new markets can count on the assistance which helps them to improve their competitiveness against local and international enterprises.

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​International tax planning

In providing the international tax planning services our tax teams use their international experience gained during a number of optimisation projects that required a close collaboration with Rödl & Partner’s specialists all over the world. The services are provided on the basis of profound knowledge and familiarity with the economic conditions which dictate the tax treatment in different countries. They are the result of over 40 years of existence in foreign markets and more than 30 years of business in Poland. All this lets us offer assistance even in the most complex international transactions and undertakings as well as international tax laws.
​Rödl & Partner’s international tax planning services cover among other things:

  • developing tax-optimal international group structures;
  • advice on taxation of foreign permanent establishments;
  • assistance in taxation of investments in real properties located and in shares of foreign companies;
  • transfer pricing policy;
  • avoidance of withholding tax;
  • advice on taxation of controlled foreign corporations;
  • advice on taxation of foreign management staff in Poland;
  • advice on taxation of Polish employees seconded to work abroad and foreign employees seconded to work in Poland;
  • assistance on taxation of artists and athletes.

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