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Due diligence and legal reviews


Our due diligence and legal and/or tax reviews in Poland are dedicated to national and international businesses which plan or are amidst making a decision on buying or selling a business (share deal) or an enterprise/organised part of an enterprise (asset deal), or which plan or are amidst buying or selling a real property or a plant.

Our services are also addressed to enterprises which would like to secure their interest by checking the value of the transaction object or identifying the potential risk areas before concluding any other transactions. Due diligence is recommended also in the case of all sorts of restructuring processes and investments in renewable energy.

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Due diligence lets you look at the potential pace and effectiveness of the purchase or sale. The buyer and the seller get a clear view of the legal and factual situation of the company, enterprise, real property or plant, and an overview of the risks their transaction involves. Depending on the client's needs our examination may be limited to transactions of your choice (e.g. lease, rental and similar agreements concluded in the course of business).

A several-dozen-strong team of our experienced attorneys at law and tax advisers is at your disposal in Poland and hundreds of specialists are available around the globe. They share and use their know-how and experience working according to Rödl & Partner's group standards of quality. All our projects are tailored to the client's individual needs and business goals. They limit the business risk before the final decision on buying or selling a company (share deal) or an organised part of an enterprise (asset deal). Thanks to our interdisciplinary teams you can obtain a proper insight into the actual legal and tax situation of the target entity.

What we do:

  • check the legal title to the target object;
  • analyse and assess legal and/or tax risks related to commercial contracts;
  • analyse and assess legal and/or tax risks related to obligations and encumbrances established on the target object;
  • check the fiscal charges on the target object;
  • assess compliance with spatial development regulations;
  • assess compliance with construction law;
  • assess compliance with environmental protection law;
  • check pending administrative or court proceedings concerning the target object.

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