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Negotiations with the SEZ administrator


Enterprises interested in obtaining a permit for business in a special economic zone or expanding their business in such a zone can count on our help in dealings with the zone administrator and negotiations of the permit terms.

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Rödl & Partner specialists will protect your interests and assist you in the decision-making process right from the beginning of the negotiations over the permit terms so that they fulfil your expectations and plans as much as possible and ensure maximum benefits.

Rödl & Partner works with enterprises that are operating in the SEZs and with the zone administrators. Rödl & Partner's experts from the Special Economic Zone Team conduct zone seminars and training courses in the SEZs. The SEZ Team members monitor the newest legislative initiatives to ensure negotiations of terms that best comply with the recent laws and are most favourable to your enterprise.

What we do:

  • represent you in negotiations with the SEZ administrators;
  • work on the most favourable terms of the zone permit for your enterprise;
  • review the legal conditions of investing and help you select the financing model for your project;
  • help you with drafting investment agreements.

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