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Company restructuring in a SEZ


Companies in the SEZs, like any other companies operating pursuant to the Polish Code of Commercial Companies, may undergo various restructuring processes (mergers, splits, transformations).


Ownership structure may change, for instance, when a shareholder leaves or shares are sold. The question then is how the restructuring affects the further business in the zone (does the zone permit remain in force and can you still benefit from it?). Particularly profound may be the consequences of changing the enterprise size from a small into a medium-sized or a large enterprise in consequence of the restructuring.

 Ask us for details

Our experts will help you identify the risk areas of the restructuring process. They will analyse any potentially adverse legal and tax consequences and advise you on the most favourable solution.

Rödl & Partner deals with all issues of the SEZ functioning and running a business there. Publications by Rödl & Partner's experts are in common use among accountants and lawyers of in-zone companies as well as zone representatives.

What we do:

  • review the legal and tax position of the restructuring enterprise;
  • assess the potential consequences of the restructuring process;
  • start the procedure to incorporate a land into a SEZ;
  • assist you in the restructuring process with focus on keeping the zone permit in force.

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