Grants and subsidies (renewables)


Our advice on grants and subsidies is addressed to enterprises interested in investing in renewable energy sources and fully exploiting the potential of state aid while doing so.

Like in most countries in Europe and around the world, the Polish power industry has been undergoing dynamic changes. There are numerous forces at play, from commitments towards the EU, to constantly growing demand for electricity, the need to replace old power generating facilities, to increased environmental awareness and the will to reduce the costs of electricity. To be able to find your way in the maze of regulations and grasp the opportunities created by the current market, it is worth using the help of experienced experts.

Renewable energy undertakings require a lot of capital but the cash requirement may be reduced if you apply for EU or state aid. Financial support under EU funding schemes for RES is available under national and regional programmes. The aid for the renewable energy sources in the years 2014–2020 is going to amount to approx. 1.2 billion euro.

Rödl & Partner has been supporting investors from the renewable energy sector for years. We have vast experience in comprehensive advisory services for foreign enterprises starting their activity in the Polish market, as well as family-owned businesses at every stage of their projects.

Rödl & Partner offers full support in preparing the project and applying for aid. We provide our services in the following areas:

  • due diligence;
  • transaction documents;
  • investment process;
  • ongoing legal and tax advice and financial accounting after project closing;
  • grants.


Rödl & Partner offers comprehensive advisory services in all these areas:


​Real property search​Administrative proceedings​Project implementation​Profits
​Preliminary contract​Real property due diligence authorities, utilitiesCompany formationTax advisory services
Tax avoidance​​Mediations with local groups​Financing contractsAccounting advisory services
Representation before municipal authorities​Project due diligence​Accounting advisory services​Legal advisory services
Applications for decisions​Contracts with suppliers​Tax advisory services
Negotiations with municipal  



The EU grant application process corresponding with the project preparation and implementation stages:


​Searching for grants​Applying for the grant​Accounting for the grant​Monitoring
​Analysis of the grant opportunity, project plan preparationPreparation of the grant application, including appendices Accounting for the grant and reporting to the authoritiesProject progress monitoring, assistance during inspections


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