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Trademark registration


Trademarks symbolise the brand and help companies stand out from the crowd.

By registering a trademark, the company can protect and develop it, as well as build a good image and reputation of the brand.

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​Why protect trademarks?

Trademarks used by enterprises to distinguish their goods and services are, under certain conditions, legally protected at national or EU level. 

Safe use of trademarks by enterprises lets them avoid legal and tax risks. The same risks can be avoided by appropriate protection of trademarks belonging to other entities (including other group companies) that enterprises use in their business. Appropriate protection can also bring them a number of benefits – legal, tax and economic ones.
Legal and tax advice offered by Rödl & Partner includes:
  • identifying the above risks and benefits; 
  • assisting enterprises in protecting their own trademarks (TMs) or using third-party trademarks safely.

The first step in protecting your own TM is to register it.

Ensuring safe use of a third-party TM primarily involves laying down the terms of its use in a contract.

​How can we help?

Rödl & Partner offers assistance – taking into account the specific nature and territory of our clients' business:

  • in determining whether a trademark may be registered;
  • taking all the necessary steps to register a TM at national/EU level.
  • reviewing tax benefits associated with the registration of a TM;
  • in reviewing tax risks associated with the use of unregistered marks;
  • in reviewing tax and legal risks associated with the use of third-party TMs on the existing terms;
  • in drafting legally required (licence) agreements.
  • in reviewing tax benefits associated with the regulation of the use of third-party TMs and other marks.

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