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Environmental protection


​​​​As the national and EU legislation is getting more and more elaborate, virtually every business has environmental obligations. 

Identification of these obligations is key for every business, as ignorance of the applicable regulations can have severe consequences for those who use the environment.

Verification of environmental obligations requires case-by-case analysis, knowledge and experience.

Requirements, orders or prohibitions can often determine the viability of a particular investment project. We will help you make the right decisions when it comes to your plans.

We guarantee to tailor the actions in accordance with your company interests to the current legal requirements applicable in Poland, in the European Union and worldwide.

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Environmental protection – legal advice to enterprises

As part of our legal services   concerning environmental protection, we will:

  • verify and analyse your environmental obligations, particularly with regard to waste management, packaging management, electrical and electronic equipment as well as batteries;
  • check the obligation to register with BDO  (database of products, packaging and waste management) and environmental fees for the use of the environment;
  • register with BDO and help you handle the register, including record-keeping (waste handover sheets, waste record sheets);
  • prepare environment-related procedures; 
  • make agreements with recycling organisations and waste management contracts;
  • carry out environmental audits, in particular in the areas of emissions of gas and dust into the air, water and sewage management, noise, management of waste, packaging, electrical and electronic equipment and batteries, management of, among others, oils, lubricants, tyres;
  • prepare and report data for reports and calculation of environmental fees; 
  • check the obligation and register with the National Centre for Emissions Management at the Institute of Environmental Protection (Polish abbreviation: KOBiZE);
  • deliver training on environmental protection  (general or dedicated to the industry sector/enterprise). 
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