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Real property appraisal services are addressed to individuals and businesses that need a documented valuation of commercial and residential properties. These services include also expert opinions on the real property market and studies of the real property value for individual investors. Real property appraisals in Poland may be performed exclusively by professional, licensed appraisers.

By engaging a professional appraiser you can be sure that the valuation is unbiased and the real property value is reliable. Rödl & Partner stands out with the quality and objectivity of its valuation services. That way our clients obtain information about the real value of a real property. Our valuation reports, estimates and expert opinions are translated into German and English.

Depending on the client's needs the real property appraisals may serve all sorts of purposes such as:

  • determination of the real property's sales/purchase price;
  • determination of the real property value for accounting and reporting purposes;
  • determination of the real property value for tax purposes;
  • determination of the value of a real property value contributed in kind to an organisation;
  • determination of the real property value as a part of an enterprise valuation.

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