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Shared service centre


Cost-effectiveness and high quality of services due to specialisation in one area are among the most oft-quoted reasons why large enterprises decide to open a shared service centre. Smaller companies transfer accounting processes to BPO centres, thus enjoying similar benefits.

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Forming an accounting shared service centre or transferring the accounting function to a BPO centre is a solution for businesses that seek cost-saving and more effective processing.

With a shared service centre you can consolidate your accounting processes and benefit from the economies of scale. You will find it easier to control, improve and increase efficiency of the separated processes, according to lean management principles. 

Additionally, you will be able to standardise the chart of accounts, postings and tax treatment of business transactions across all companies in your group. The services are performed in a harmonised and efficient way because the processes they involve are continuously checked and improved. 

You can enjoy all of the above benefits as well by using a competent BPO centre in Poland.

Rödl & Partner is a highly-competent consultant in setting up shared service centres in Poland. We have years of experience in building and managing accounting processes, projects and teams. Thanks to the lean management practiced in Rödl & Partner on a daily basis our specialists in Poland can identify and eliminate all obstacles to efficient accounting processes already at the initial stage of building a centre when you design and implement them. 

We help to save time, improve processes, boost productivity and streamline everyday work – continuous improvement translates into better service quality. The number of our specialists and the scale of our operations allow the clients of our BPO centre in Poland to enjoy the same benefits that large enterprises obtain with a shared service centre.

Poland is still one of the world's most popular locations for the shared service centres. An accounting shared service centre is a separate business unit (a stand-alone company or a member of a group) specialised in finance and accounting services which it renders to internal or external customers at great value for money. To the same effect smaller companies move their processes to BPO centres. Such centres provide professional services to several companies at a time thus enjoying the economies of scale.​

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