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HR outsourcing in Poland is most often combined with payroll outsourcing (HR and payroll outsourcing), but it can be a separate service. Contracting out the HR function is most popular among companies that do not want to run their in-house HR department and want to be sure that the statutory deadlines and employer obligations are met.

By outsourcing your HR you will cut the administrative expenses in Poland and you can be sure that the legislative changes and interpretations are followed and the regulations adhered to carefully.  Thus, you will free yourself from potential financial consequences of the State Labour Inspectorate's checks and employee claims.

By contracting Rödl & Partner you can be sure to have the HR processes tailored to your needs and to work with the best-in-class experts. Your HR processes will be handled by a team of experts while you are in touch with only one person. This streamlines the whole collaboration and communication. Our HR outsourcing services in Poland utilise dedicated software and electronic workflow to ensure easy 24-hour access to documents and smoother communication.

Our HR specialists take care of:


  • complete and correct personnel files;
  • work rules and remuneration policy;
  • content of employment contracts;
  • legitimate employment;
  • civil law contracts;
  • resolutions concerning the management staff;
  • working time records;
  • holiday leave records;
  • dates of obligatory employee medical examinations.

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