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Translation services

Almost every business operating internationally needs a translation (of documents, sworn translation or specialist translation) from time to time. Translation quality of legal and financial texts is particularly important.

With specialist and professional translations you can be sure that their quality matches the standards of your products and services. Moreover, on-time and well-done translation service improves internal and external communication and contributes to your good company image.

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Rödl & Partner has its own translation department composed of well-qualified and experienced experts with educational background in linguistics, law and economics. Thus we can offer specialist translations of any business, financial and legal content. 

Our translation team follows the highest standards and uses its proprietary know-how and cutting edge computer-assisted translation tools. Our translators have an additional, unique advantage in the form of ready access to our certified auditors, tax advisers, attorneys at law and accountants who provide their expertise in case of any doubts or difficult issues. Every translation assignment is additionally checked by a native professional.

By engaging our professional translators from foreign Rödl & Partner offices we can offer translations from English or German into East European languages such as Russian, Ukrainian, Belarusian, Estonian, Latvian and Lithuanian.


  • standard translations and sworn translations of business, financial and legal documents,
  • translations of website content,
  • translation of and marketing texts,
  • interpreting and review of ready translations.


  • Polish-German and German-Polish;
  • Polish-English and English-Polish;
  • German-English and English-German.
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