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Reviews and audits of financial statements


The audit and review of financial statements are addressed to international entities (parent companies, shareholders) which are obliged to have the financial statements of their worldwide branches audited and want an auditor operating on the same global scale as they do. Audits may be conducted in large as well as small companies operating internationally. We invite you to work with us whether you represent a large, leading corporation or a small, family enterprise that wants to expand to foreign markets.

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​Our proposal is also addressed to listed companies in Poland and to those which are applying or planning to apply to be listed on the stock exchange.


By hiring an experienced and renowned firm to carry out an audit or review of your financial statements in Poland you can be sure that it will be done properly and in line with strict internal and external standards. Management boards and company owners are considered the end beneficiaries of these services. In addition to offering a typical audit or review an auditor is above all an adviser on all important aspects of the economic, tax and legal life of the client.


The auditors at Rödl & Partner Poland are able to work according to the National Standards on Auditing (NSA) and the International Standards on Auditing (ISA). They also possess up-to-date and practical knowledge of standards applicable in Germany, the USA and other countries of the world. Internationally, we perform our services in tight collaboration with local experts of Rödl & Partner, and all auditors follow the code of ethics for professional auditors published by the IFAC (International Federation of Accountants). Our global approach to audit is oriented towards understanding the risks typical of the client's business. Years of experience in auditing companies of all industries let us undertake engagements of any degree of difficulty without hesitation. The auditing standards applicable throughout Rödl & Partner globally ensure the same high standards of audit in all our locations. The same methodology and approach in every branch worldwide ensure speed as well as accuracy and consistency of all our activities.

​Audit and review services are performed for the client in respect of its financial statements prepared according to:
  • IAS/IFRS (International Standards on Auditing – ISA / International Financial Reporting Standards – IFSR);
  • US GAAP;
  • HGB (German commerical law);
  • National Accounting Standards.

An audit or review of financial statements consists in examining documents, trends and business transactions of a company. It is a complex and multi-stage process which eventually delivers a clear and full picture of the financial standing and net worth of a company and the challenges and opportunities it faces.


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Magdalena Ludwiczak

Auditor (Poland)


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