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Financial reporting


​We have designed our financial reporting services for international companies which keep financial reporting at domestic level in their daughter companies and must integrate them with the parent's books of account.
Rödl & Partner addresses its financial reporting proposal to businesses that follow all sorts of reporting standards such as:

  • National Standards on Auditing (NSA);
  • International Financial Reporting Standards and International Accounting Standards (IFRS/IAS);
  • German Financial Reporting Standards (HGB);
  • American Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (US GAAP).

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By contracting the preparation of financial statements of your daughter companies in Poland and elsewhere to one competent audit firm you can be sure to receive a complete set of financial statements prepared according to uniform standards. You will also get a guarantee that they are adequate and comparable at international level. 
Well structured financial statements are key to the full understanding of the business, its limitations, risks and opportunities for foreign investments.


Rödl & Partner has been auditing companies with foreign shareholding for over forty years, which makes it a competent and proven partner who can compile and audit financial statements on international scale. 

In practice, one inextricable part of every engagement is the compiling of the financial statements for the foreign parent in German or English.

All Rödl & Partner audit teams around the world have vast experience in auditing of and reporting on the books prepared according to the HGB, IFRS and US GAAP.  Rödl & Partner is also experienced in auditing group reporting packages. Everyone involved in the engagement is fluent in German or English as required by our standards.

Our financial reporting services consist in compiling the financial statements according to international (IFRS/IAS), Polish (NFRS), German (HGB) and American (US GAAP) standards as the client requires.


In this area we also deal with converting financial statements based on local regulations (e.g. Polish if the business is in Poland) according to standards and requirements of international, German or American law. Rödl & Partner offers also comprehensive advice if you decide to shift to the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS/IAS), preceded by a comprehensive analysis of your business and financial situation.

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