Tax-deductible costs


Koszty uzyskania przychodu - kapitalizacja odsetek jako przychód podatkowy


Tax-deductible costs make up a significant part of tax accounts of every business. Correct recognition of tax-deductible costs is highly problematic for taxpayers and is a source of frequent disputes with tax authorities.


Given the vagueness of the tax regulations and the resulting controversies it is worth being up-to-date with the approach of tax authorities and the judgments of administrative courts regarding tax-deductibility of your expenses. To this end, it is best to use the support of an experienced tax adviser.

In this section Rödl & Partner experts discuss various interpretations and analyse judgments important from the business perspective. They also present the complicated issues related to tax-deductible costs in an accessible way. You are also welcome to contact directly our tax advisers  in our offices.



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