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The Whistleblowers Bill - new amendments


by Maciej Ogórek

3 August 2023

The Government Legislation Centre is still working on the whistleblower protection bill. 

They published yet another version of the bill on 1 August to introduce just a few changes compared to the previous versions. 

The Whistleblower Bill - what's new?

Significantly, the bill covers again soldiers and officers of, among others, the Police, the State Fire Service, the Border Guard, and other forces. 
The concept of the "job-related context" has been extended. The bill uses that concept to describe circumstances of breaches whose disclosure will qualify for legal protection. 
The transitional provision has also changed compared to the previous version of the bill. In its newest version the regulations that will oblige legal entities to implement an in-house whistleblowing procedure will enter into force 14 days of the promulgation of the act. The previous bill stipulated the effective date as soon as the day after the promulgation. This is a good change because it gives businesses more time to adapt to the new legislation. Nevertheless, the time remains very short and that is why it is worth starting the work on the in-house whistleblowing procedure as soon as possible. 

If you do not have a whistleblowing procedure yet, contact us. We would be glad to help you get ready for the changes and answer all questions.


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