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European Funds for the Modern Economy 2021–2027


​by Magdalena Skurowska

4 October 2022

The European Commission finally approved on 27 September 2022 one of the most important and most awaited aid programmes for businesses in Poland – European Funds for the Modern Economy 2021–2027 (EFME, or FENG in Polish). 

This nationwide programme with a budget of approximately 7.9 billion euro will offer both grants and returnable aid instruments for, among others, businesses in order to boost their research and innovation potential and utilise advanced technologies. 

The following business operations will be supported in the first place:

  • research and development work which leads to an innovative solution ready for implementation in business, e.g. a demo/prototype and testing; 
  • implementation of innovative solutions utilising R&D results, e.g. production of new products utilising the research results conducted or purchased.

Companies that plan to be active in these areas should prepare their projects and follow news about calls for proposals to be announced soon (probably at the beginning of 2023).

If you have questions about aid programmes for enterprises in Poland, please contact our experts. 


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