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Amendments to the Code of Civil Procedure – in progress


​by Alicja Szyrner

9 March 2023

The Senate passed amendments to the Act amending the Code of Civil Procedure on 23 February 2023. We are currently awaiting further legislative work.

The amended statute will speed up court proceedings and provide for, among other things:

  • a new separate procedure involving consumers to deal with claims brought by a consumer against a trader and vice versa,
  • the court ordering ex officio that interest be paid,
  • increasing the threshold amount in dispute from 75 thousand zloty to 150 thousand zloty, above which the regional court [sąd okręgowy] has the authority to hear and try a case,
  • scheduling pre-trial hearings only at the joint request of the parties,
  • referring cases to oral hearings as part of simplified proceedings only when requested by a party, and in cases where the amount in dispute does not exceed 4 thousand zloty, the reasoning of a judgment will only show the legal basis for the judgment and quote the relevant provisions,
  • providing ex officio reasons for judgments given by a court clerk [referendarz sądowy] that award court costs, trial costs or refuse to appoint a professional attorney,
  • changing the manner of producing evidence,
  • extending the possibility to raise a set-off defence during court proceedings.

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