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Founding Partner – Dr. Bernd Rödl



The story of Rödl & Partner's success began in 1977 with the founding of a solo consulting firm in Nuremberg Dr. Bernd Rödl, the firm's founder, was one of Bavaria's first attorneys who earned the title of a certified tax consultant and certified public auditor. Since its inception, Rödl & Partner has focused on an interdisciplinary approach to its advisory services. “I was truly convinced that especially family-owned companies were in need of comprehensive advice”, said Dr. Bernd Rödl. “This has been at the core of our business model ever since.”


The breakthrough for the firm came with the fall of the Iron Curtain. Rödl & Partner was the first law firm from West Germany to open an office in Saxony, Eastern Germany, prior to the German reunification. Soon after, in 1989, our first office outside of Germany opened in Prague, followed by offices in Warsaw and Budapest. “It was obvious to us that we wanted to assist our clients in their ventures into Eastern Europe. We put our heart and soul into developing our operations abroad. Today, we can share this business experience with others”, emphasised Dr. Rödl.

In 1994, the firm expanded its operations into China. Rödl & Partner became the first German professional services firm to obtain a licence for auditing and – later on – also for providing legal advisory services. Today, Rödl & Partner is represented in that market with 4 offices and more than 120 colleagues. In 1999, Rödl & Partner ventured as the first German consulting and audit firm into the American market.


We owe our success especially to our clear focus on providing advice to German companies. Dr. Rödl: “Our clients both in Germany and abroad are mainly German family-owned companies with operations worldwide. Whatever the country, we apply the same standards to all our advisory and audit services. This is possible because Rödl & Partner is not a loose network but a professional services firm with its own offices. This allows us to ensure top quality standards worldwide.” Today, Rödl & Partner is active at 108 locations in 50 countries and hires approximately 4,500 colleagues.


For more than 30 years of its history, Rödl & Partner has always remained faithful to Nuremberg – the place where it was originally founded. In 2005, new premises for the head office were inaugurated in that city.


The firm founder Dr. Rödl always attached great importance to sharing his success with others. His social and cultural engagement brought benefits to many institutions and initiatives around the world.

Passing the torch to the next generation

Dr. Bernd Rödl withdrew from the operational management of the company on 31 October 2010. However, as the firm's founder and partner, he was always our prominent representative and shared his experience and knowledge as a member of various advisory and supervisory boards, in addition to fulfilling other honorary functions. Dr. Bernd Rödl passed away on 9 November 2015. 

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