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Real property tax


Our advice on real property tax matters is dedicated to enterprises and individuals who have to account for taxes on land, buildings or premises used for business or other purposes, and on structures. Polish real property law has been relatively rarely amended so it still contains many solutions which lag behind the level of economic, social and technological development. This has a negative impact mainly on enterprises, as they are thus exposed to frequent disputes with tax authorities.

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​Real property tax advisory services 

Our expert assistance in real property tax matters allows you to achieve savings (especially with respect to structures) and to secure the company’s interest against the municipal tax authorities which adopt an increasingly more fiscal approach. Rödl & Partner's tax advisers in Poland combine their experience in advising entities obliged to account for real property tax with reliable expertise and knowledge of the case law of administrative courts. This way they propose safe solutions tailored to your individual situation.

Among Rödl & Partner's regular clients who benefit from our assistance in real property tax matters are domestic and foreign entities, including investment funds, property developers, international and national enterprises which buy, sell, rent or manage real properties, construction and project companies, wind farms and individual investors. We offer advisory services integrated with legal consulting on real property trading.

​Rödl & Partner’s services in this area include without limitation: 

  • ongoing consulting in tax matters (including by phone);
  • advice on tax avoidance opportunities;
  • advice on the identification of land, buildings (premises) or structures liable to tax;
  • assistance in the determination of the tax point, the taxable base and the amount of the tax liability;
  • preparation of tax declarations (returns);
  • preparation of tax opinions;
  • preparation of applications for advance tax rulings;
  • drafting and reviewing agreements taking into account their tax consequences.

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