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Excise duty in Poland must be accounted for and paid on certain categories of goods, such as energy products, electricity, alcohol, alcoholic beverages and tobacco products. Although passenger cars are not excise goods under the statute, they are subject to excise duty nonetheless.

All enterprises that must pay excise duty in the course of their business can benefit from our advice on excise duty issues.

Excise duty is a special kind of tax as it is governed by both Polish internal law and the EU legislation (as regards harmonised goods). Therefore, excise duty regulations may prove problematic in practice.  By outsourcing the excise duty issues to professionals you can be sure that your obligations in this area are fulfilled properly. In this way you can also learn about opportunities to enjoy excise duty exemptions in your business activity and about the applicable or, as the case may be, reduced excise duty rates.

Rödl & Partner's professionals have a sound grasp of all excise duty regulations which the customs authorities may invoke. Rödl & Partner offers services of tax advisers and customs agents specialising in excise duty. They provide our clients with assistance covering proper accounting for excise duty in Poland and completing the relevant formalities. 

The excise duty advice provided by Rödl & Partner includes:

  • ongoing consulting in tax matters (including by phone);
  • assisting in identification of transactions which trigger the obligation to account for excise duty;
  • filling out tax returns;
  • drafting tax opinions;
  • drafting applications for advance tax rulings;
  • assisting in obtaining the Binding Excise Duty Information Ruling;
  • filling out excise duty returns for passenger cars purchased through intra-Community acquisitions;
  • recovering any excessive excise duty on passenger cars, filing letters, lodging complaints;
  • assisting in the classification of excise goods according to the Combined Nomenclature (CN) codes;
  • keeping the required excise duty documents.

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