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Customs and excise duties


Both domestic and EU legislation concerning customs and excise duties is complicated and thus unclear for taxpayers.

It is difficult to follow all the regulations. Our experts – who act in interdisciplinary teams – help the clients solve problems connected with customs and excise duties, taking into account the specific nature of individual industry sectors.





Issues connected with excise duty are handled at Rödl & Partner by experienced tax advisers and customs agents. With our assistance you can take advantage of numerous simplifications designed for businesses and, in the case of any customs duty payables, you can avoid irregularities in the accounting and potential disputes with tax authorities in Poland.

See what we can do for you in the context of customs duties:

  • assistance in tariff classification of imported goods;
  • assistance in obtaining the Binding Tariff Information (BTI) and the Binding Origin Information (BOI);
  • analysis of the correctness of declared customs value of goods;
  • advice on opportunities to optimise imports and exports;
  • assistance in handling customs clearances;
  • analysis of customs declarations;
  • INTRASTAT declarations for arrivals/dispatches;
  • training on the rules on the origin of goods, the customs value of goods, tariff classification, INCOTERMS 2020 and INTRASTAT;
  • opinions on customs duties, applications to be filed with the customs office(s), pleadings, letters of appeal to the customs chamber(s), complaints to be filed with courts;
  • assistance in obtaining the EORI number and AEO certificate.



Rödl & Partner's professionals have a sound grasp of regulations which the customs authorities may invoke. We will be happy to support you particularly in correct accounting for excise duty and completing the related formalities. We ensure compliance with all obligations.

Check how we can help you in the area of excise duty:

  • ongoing consulting on tax matters;
  • identifying events which trigger the obligation to account for excise duty;
  • tax returns and opinions, applications for advance tax rulings;
  • assistance in obtaining the Binding Tariff Information (BTI);
  • letters and complaints;
  • keeping the required excise documentation.


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Tadeusz Piekłowski

Customs agent (Poland)

Senior Associate

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Adrian Maczura

Tax adviser (Poland)

Associate Partner

+48 606 640 095

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