Turnover taxes


Our advice on turnover taxes is addressed to enterprises and entities which do not conduct a business activity, but are required to account for those taxes.

By entrusting your turnover tax affairs in Poland to our specialists you can be sure that the applicable regulations will be observed correctly. This is especially important in the case of VAT and excise duty. The respective regulations are not only extraordinarily complicated but also frequently amended, and, on the top of that, they can be found not only in domestic law but also in EU directives. Therefore, they cause many problems in everyday practice. Clients who receive professional assistance can focus on their core business and be sure that specialists take care of their tax security.

Rödl & Partner's tax advisers are specialists in turnover taxes and offer professional and comprehensive services. Thanks to their considerable experience they help to minimise the risks resulting from regulations which are often unclear but, nevertheless, affect your business.


Rödl & Partner's turnover tax services cover:

  • value added tax (VAT);
  • excise duty;
  • transfer tax (PCC).

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