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Customs duty is charged on goods carried or transited across the borders of a country or a union of countries. We offer our tax advice on customs duties to businesses which import or export goods from or to outside the European Union.

With the assistance of our excise duty experts you can take advantage of numerous simplifications for businesses (e.g. simplified customs procedures) and, if you must pay customs duty, you can avoid accounting errors and disputes with Polish tax authorities.

At Rödl & Partner, customs procedures are handled by experts who have hands-on experience in dealings with customs authorities and import and export duty regulations. Clients receive comprehensive assistance from our team of tax advisers and customs agents. Their services range from transaction optimisation to accounting for the tax liability to issues related to the documentation and completion of required formalities.

Rödl & Partner's services comprise among others:

  • assistance in tariff classification of imported goods;
  • assistance in obtaining the Binding Tariff Information (BTI);
  • assistance in obtaining the Binding Origin Information (BOI);
  • checking the correctness of the declared customs value of goods;
  • advice on options to optimise imports and exports;
  • searching for confirmations of import (export), IE599 notifications, copy No 3 of the SAD;
  • assistance in handling customs clearance;
  • checking customs declarations for correctness;
  • checking customs declarations under the Code 42 Procedure (import customs clearance e.g. in Hamburg, followed by an ICA in Poland);
  • NTRASTAT declarations for imports/exports;
  • training on the rules on the origin of goods, customs value of goods, tariff classification, INCOTERMS 2010 and INTRASTAT;
  • opinions on customs duties, motions to the customs office(s), pleadings, letters of appeal to the customs chamber(s), complaints to administrative courts;
  • assistance in obtaining an EORI number;
  • assistance in obtaining an AEO certificate;
  • assistance in choosing business procedures, obtaining permits and in accounting for those procedures;
  • assistance in obtaining other required permits.

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