Due dilligence – cybersecurity


Corporate IT systems are usually inseparably connected with other business processes such as accounting, sales, purchases or manufacturing. Each system component – electronic equipment, software, services – may have gaps which pose potential danger and a target for hackers.

Audits and legal and technological consulting, verification of the IT security and all physical forms of security of buildings, offices, server rooms, as well as verification of compliance with the applicable regulations – these are the services offered by our New Technologies & Cybersecurity Team.

We combine legal, technological and cybersecurity competences. We offer support in ensuring security of the most important resources of your company by sharing our knowledge and experience. One team, one contract, one invoice ensure smooth handling of every project and the easiest form of collaboration.


Due diligence from technological perspective

We can help you estimate the real value of your company's data and how secure they are, as well as the likelihood of leaks. We deliver real added value to due diligence audits whereby we present the real worth of the company including the value of information it processes.


Incident investigation

Our technical team will help you identify, among others, the root cause of the incident and the affected data sets, whether the data have leaked and if so, how many records are affected. Our legal team will tell you if the incident should be reported to supervisory authorities and whether and how to notify the affected individuals and compensate for damage (if any). We can join our forces to draw appropriate conclusions and implement safeguards.


Technical support for DPO

We offer substantive and practical support to Data Protection Officers, which includes without limitation: information about obligations under the GDPR, training courses and monitoring of legislative changes; regular data protection audits and ad hoc audits, supervision over the handling of data protection incidents; supervision over the development and updates of data processing procedures; participation in evaluating business processes in terms of compliance with personal data protection laws.


SSDLC or Security Software Development Life Cycle

We help you to choose the software supplier, implement the SSDLC methodology in the application development, supervise the security of software development cycle, conduct audits and penetration tests as well as training in secure application development.


What sets us apart:

  • interdisciplinary knowledge available worldwide – 109 offices in 49 countries;
  • bespoke approach to the client – dedicated account manager;
  • safe and comprehensive services;
  • German standards – our firm was established in Nuremberg in 1977.


Check our services related to cybersecurity:

  • application audit;
  • network and infrastructure audits;
  • social engineering testing;
  • training – IT security;
  • penetration tests.


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