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Application audit


An application audit gives you a picture of how secure your applications are. The proper functioning of the web, mobile and desktop applications used in your everyday business ensures the smooth operations of your entire enterprise.
Such applications are exposed not only to the risk of failure, but above all to the risk of modification or theft of data, including personal data, processed in those applications. Hackers have an ever broader array of tools at their disposal, so a solution just recently regarded as safe may today contain gaps enabling unauthorised access to valuable resources. Every newly-created feature or functionality, if not sufficiently protected, may open access points for hackers. This is why it is so important to regularly check the security of applications that are crucial for the proper and seamless operation of your business.
Rödl & Partner’s team of new technologies and cybersecurity experts conducts application audits involving manual and automated simulations of “real-world” cyber attacks. The audit ends with a comprehensive report describing all detected errors and vulnerabilities and suggesting methods to enhance application security.

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