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Cyber Security


Information security is becoming increasingly important for the smooth and correct functioning of companies. IT systems are usually inseparably connected with business processes such as accounting, sales, purchases, or manufacturing. Every system component – be it electronic equipment, IT systems, software or services, can have security gaps serving as a gateway for hackers.


As part of IT security, we offer the following services:

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Hardware and software manufacturers often do not give priority to the security of their products. They rather focus on stable operation and functionality. Regardless of the intentions of hardware manufacturers, the original security systems can cease to be effective one day. 

Maintaining an appropriate level of security is a continuous process so there is no cure-all panacea for all problems in this sense.


The array of methods hackers use is constantly evolving and can affect various areas of company operations. Starting from a one-time theft of confidential information to encryption of the entire database or even its deletion. Hackers can overload a server, or suspend or even permanently damage key systems. 

Whatever an unauthorised person does to the company network, it will most likely cause unpleasant consequences, including unplanned expenses.

In response to the changing digital reality in which companies function, a new discipline has emerged – IT Security. The fact alone that a company has an IT department does not guarantee the security of its data or equipment. Essential are qualified and experienced specialists who know how to identify, analyse and prevent threats. 

Some companies set up internal IT security departments. But often it is more cost-effective to outsource those tasks to a team of experienced IT security specialists.


Rödl & Partner's IT security and new technologies team is composed of specialists with over 20 years of work experience. We offer support in ensuring adequate security of the most important resources of your company; we share our knowledge and experience.

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