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Investing in Poland


We have been advising foreign enterprises and investors in Poland for over 30 years. Every project is run by a dedicated interdisciplinary team of experts. At the same time, we appoint an individual contact person who supports you throughout planning and implementing your projects.

Our support will help you navigate the maze of laws, obligations and opportunities for foreign investors in Poland.

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Project location

Where do I want to locate my project? – this is the basic question you have to ask yourself as an investor.

We will help you choose a location best suited for your future business. We will compare the potential locations in terms of legal and tax aspects, availability of state aid, and other factors affecting the location attractiveness – all having your individual needs in mind.

​Company formation in Poland

You are free to choose the legal form of your business. We will help you go through the company formation process smoothly.


Your basic tax obligations as an enterprise include:

State aid for investors

Additional money for operations from national or EU funds enable businesses of all industries and sizes to grow. Enterprises in Poland may count on several forms of aid, depending on their line of business.

  • income tax exemption within the Polish Investment Zone,
  • government grant,
  • exemption from real property tax,
  • support for environmental protection projects,
  • subsidies and loans part-financed by the European Union,
  • support from Ministry of Finance.

Nasi eksperci wspierają inwestorów w poszukiwaniu możliwości finansowania działalności. W ramach współpracy oferujemy:

  • review of investment plans in terms of their eligibility for state aid;
  • selection of optimal support tools out of the available aid programmes for the company’s development plans;
  • preparation of application documentation for the selected support tool/call for proposals;
  • comprehensive advice at every stage of applying for state aid – both in the form of grants and preferential loans;
  • advice at every stage of using state aid, including legal and tax advice;
  • representation of the company before institutions granting state aid and controlling its spending.

​Tax relief

Poland offers a comprehensive tax relief scheme. Some aid is dedicated to organisations that pursue innovative business activities.

  • prototype relief
  • robotisation relief
  • relief for development and expansion
  • relief for innovative employees
  • R&D relief
  • IP BOX

Other tax reliefs you can enjoy:

  • CSR relief
  • IPO relief
  • consolidation relief
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