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The payroll report is a service dedicated to enterprises which want to get a full picture of the costs they incur on hiring employees in Poland. This covers not only the employer's direct costs of wages and salaries but also all costs of business trips, bonuses etc.

By having a payroll report compiled for you, you will get an objective and transparent information package to review your labour costs in Poland and adjust the costs of hiring and maintaining workers to your needs and capacity. The payroll report shows clearly how much an employee or a group of employees costs you in Poland.

According to your wishes, Rödl & Partner's specialists may compile monthly payroll reports or a report on a selected period. Our reporting for international clients is available in German, English or Polish.

To produce a payroll report we examine the wages and salaries of employees of the entire enterprise or a group of companies, or just of a subsidiary or department of your choice. Our examination takes into account labour costs and all additional expenses  incurred in connection with employment of the selected people.

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