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Preparation of financial statements


This service is addressed to companies which run their own centralised accounting function but want to outsource the obligation of periodical financial reporting in line with the financial reporting requirements in Poland.

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By outsourcing the preparation of financial statements you will receive a package of objective and reliable information about the financial standing of your company. Thus, you will fulfil your reporting obligation under Polish law and will obtain an objective and reliable document presenting the condition of your business. The information it contains is helpful for assessment of the current performance and future steps.

The team of well-qualified Rödl & Partner specialists knowledgeable about Polish and international accounting standards plus a system of thorough, multistage control will ensure that your financial statements are well prepared. In addition, all our financial statements are compiled keeping in mind their usefulness for the management, ensuring clear presentation and interpretation of key figures.
Preparing financial statements in Poland involves a lot of checking activities:

  • collecting balance confirmations;
  • checking the compliance of tax calculations with tax returns;
  • checking the completeness of accounting documents for a given period;
  • examining transactions with associated enterprises.


After completing those activities, we compile the financial statements, which consist of the balance sheet, the income statement (profit and loss account) and, at the client's request, the cash flow statement and the notes to the financial statements.

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