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Hosting of Microsoft Dynamics AX finance & accounting system


The hosting service offered by Rödl & Partner is addressed to clients who have their own accounting departments and want to keep the books of account on their own. It works by leasing the IT environment in full scope.

By hosting Microsoft Dynamics AX you will waste neither money nor time on purchasing software licences or implementing a finance & accounting application. Neither will you have to incur any costs of hardware or wages of IT personnel. Moreover, this solution guarantees maximum data security. Data stored in the programme are fully protected against unauthorised access and viruses and are backed-up regularly.

Notable functionalities of Microsoft Dynamics AX include:

  • multiple language versions;
  • keeping the books of account in several currencies concurrently along with the euro conversion;
  • compliance with Polish and international accounting standards;
  • consolidation of financial statements;
  • alternative chart of accounts;
  • option of concurrent application of multiple cost models (activity-based costing – ABC, function-based costing – FBC, etc.);
  • advanced options of off-book cost calculation in controlling;
  • import of data from banks and other systems through an interface;
  • reports generated in foreign languages in file format (csv, rtf, html, pdf, xls).

The Rödl & Partner's hosting of Microsoft Dynamics AX ensures easy and cost-effective use of that system. We have been keeping clients' books of account in Microsoft Dynamics AX for years, so we know its functions and good points inside out. During its implementation we worked directly with Microsoft to adapt the system to the needs of accountants and managers. Thus, we are confident that this application is an optimum solution adjusted to the business reality and the applicable regulations in Poland.

Microsoft Dynamics AX stands out from the crowd of finance & accounting software offered on the market. It has earned wide acclaim and popularity among Polish medium-sized and large enterprises. The system has all sorts of features, it can be used in several languages at a time and may be customised.

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