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Finance & accounting


Well kept and fully tailored to your company's profile will deliver key information for day-to-day decision making and enterprise management. Our financial accounting services in Poland are dedicated to clients who pay special attention to the quality of accounting processes and at the same time do not want them to consume too much time and money.







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Benefits of contracting the bookkeeping in Poland out to a specialised accounting firm include, among others, certainty about the compliance of the books with the applicable regulations and standards, customisation of the accounting solutions to your company's needs and, consequently, a well-functioning accounting system.

The highly experienced, well qualified and constantly developing accounting team of Rödl & Partner Poland ensures professional services that comply with Polish and international standards. Following the implementation of the Lean Management, Rödl & Partner's clients in Poland are sure that all their accounting processes are being improved constantly. 

In addition, we keep our clients informed about the Key Performance Indicators (KPI) of the processes in their businesses.

​Rödl & Partner's financial accounting services offered in Poland include:

  • bookkeeping;
  • developing the accounting policy, including a chart of accounts, in compliance with the law and the client’s principles;
  • optimising the accounting processes;
  • identifying cost centres according to the client’s needs, including preparation of customised reports;
  • preparing the financial statements;
  • mapping accounts for group purposes;
  • reporting as needed, not only in the Polish but also in the German or English language; our accounting system generates reports in German and English.

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