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The accounting audit in Poland is a service addressed to companies which want to make sure their in-house accounting department or an external accounting firm keeps the company's books of account properly. We recommend such an audit especially if you have concerns you would like to substantiate or if you consider changing your accountant or accounting provider.

By having an accounting audit done in your company you will obtain an objective assessment of your accountant's performance and certainty about your safety, plus any irregularities in your books will be detected immediately. You will receive information about the quality of your books and the work done for you.

Rödl & Partner pays attention to the selection of the auditors, choosing the most qualified specialists who have vast experience in auditing companies of all sizes, industries and countries. Our audit team is selected from among accountants, tax advisers, auditors according to the specific needs of the client and his company. The accounting audit service may be extended to include a tax review and an interim audit.

The accounting audit involves a field visit to the client to check if its books of account over a certain period comply with the Accounting Act. The management board then receives a detailed report.

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