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Correcting invoices in KSeF


​by Maria Wośkowiak

11 December 2023

The National e-Invoicing System (abbreviated in Polish as KSeF) will go live in Poland on 1 July 2024. One of the major challenges is the correcting invoice. 

Correcting invoices – what will change?

Correcting notes will disappear once KSeF goes live. Correcting notes will no longer apply to both the structured invoices and invoices issued outside KSeF. This means that if you make a mistake on an invoice – a mistake that can currently be fixed using a correcting note – you will have to obtain a correcting invoice from the supplier.
Importantly, correcting invoices will require additional statutory details, such as the KSeF number of the original invoice.

Collective correcting invoices

There may be problems with collective correcting invoices. As the correcting invoices will have to show the KSeF number of the original invoice, it may be technically difficult to issue such a collective document, especially in respect of bonuses over a long period. 
Structured invoices pose another challenge for businesses. That is why it is crucial to get ready and reformulate your business contracts in advance. 
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