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Changes in contacting the Energy Regulatory Office


by Jakub Plebański

25 March 2020 

The Energy Regulatory Office (ERO) has announced a temporary suspension of direct customer service, both in its Warsaw headquarters and its field offices.
The Office has also asked all interested parties to send their applications to initiate administrative proceedings concerning e.g. fee approval or concession issues, as well as replies to the Office by electronic means. They indicate “.pdf” and for tables “.xls / .xlsx” as appropriate formats, with the use of conversion and summation formulas.
The Office emphasises that in accordance with the Code of Administrative Procedure, documents sent in this way will be treated in the same way as signed documents in hard copy. It is also recommended to use, if possible, an electronic signature and the Office’s electronic inbox on the ePUAP platform. Representatives of the Energy Regulatory Office are also available by phone.


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